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What should you name your cat? 10 ideas for boys and girls

Bringing a new cat into your home is an exciting event, and your fabulous new family member will need an equally fabulous name. Finding that ideal name can be a challenge, though, and you don’t want your cat answering to a boring, overused name. That’s why we’ve come up with some creative, unusual cat names that you don’t hear every day to give you some inspiration.

Tigger kitten looking upwards

Creative cat names for females

The following names are excellent choices for your female cat.

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A little bit different, a whole lot unique, Kiwi is a cute name perfect for your cute cat.


Partial to puns? Then Katniss is purr-fect for your cat, and you can also honor your love of The Hunger Games in the process.


Love New York? Then Brooklyn is a natural fit for your cat.


For a fun spelling twist on this name, consider Skye.

Kit Kat

Have a cat who’s supersweet? Then Kit Kat might be the name you’re looking for.


Panda is a fabulous fit for your black-and-white kitty.


A fun twist on Leah, this name is full of individuality.


Another alternate spelling, Catrina is the perfect cat-themed twist on Katrina.


This name is a fitting option for your little ray of sunshine.


The name Addie is full of character and will suit your female kitty well.

Grey cat looking at the camera and tilting his head to the side

Unique boy-cat names

If you have a male cat, consider these creative names.


If your cat has the heart of a lion, a name like Leo is sure to honor that trait.


Have a cat who’s playful and fun? Then why not name him after a classic game?


If you’re a friend of Casper the Friendly Ghost, then this name is ideal for a white cat. However, it’s also a great choice for a cat of any color.


Refined and classic, William is the perfect name for your classy cat.


A name like Jazz will suit any cat who marches to the beat of his own drum.


When your cat is full of mischief (and a little magic), Houdini might just do the trick.


Cute, quirky, and definitely uncommon, Toast is a lighthearted name suitable for nearly any cat.

Hairy Potter

Long-haired cat full of fluff? Hairy Potter should work like a charm.


This name is a great fit for that cat who’s your fun-loving buddy.


Goofy and lighthearted, Beans is perfect for your playful cat.

Additional tips for naming your cat

Maybe you’ve found the perfect name in this list. If so, that’s great! If not, these names can serve as some inspiration, and maybe they’ve helped give you some ideas.

There are other ways to come up with the perfect name for your cat. Start brainstorming qualities of your cat’s personality as you get to know him. Maybe your kitty loves to sleep on the sofa, and Sophia is the right choice. Or maybe your cat loves bird-watching — Birdie’s a cute option.

You can also draw inspiration from other areas of your life. Your favorite singer, book, TV show, or movie might give you some ideas. You might even want to name your cat in honor of another beloved pet who has passed on.

As you brainstorm, write down all the names you come up with and don’t eliminate any right away. One name that isn’t quite right could always inspire another name that fits better. Once you have a long list of names, start going through it until you find the right one.

We have a few tips that can help you choose a good name for your cat. First, look for a name that doesn’t sound like the names of other family members, both human and animal. This can help avoid confusion as your new cat learns his name.

Next, try to choose a two-syllable or three-syllable name if possible. One-syllable names are short and can be misunderstood, but it’s easier for your cat to hear a distinctive multisyllable word and learn to recognize that as his name.

Similarly, don’t go for a name that’s a huge mouthful — or, if you do, think of a nickname that you’ll call your cat. Long names can be fun at first, but you’ll probably get tired of saying the whole thing, especially if you’re trying to call your cat.

There are plenty of names to choose from, and the more creative you can get, the better. Take your time, and you’re certain to land on the ideal name for your new cat.

Want to know more? Read on further to learn how to successfully foster kittens.

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