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7 weird, wonderful cat names friends and family will definitely remember

Bringing a new kitty home is a time full of excitement … and decisions. A lot of decisions. From finding a vet you trust to picking the right food and toys for your pet, be prepared to do a lot of thinking.

Another thing you’ll need to decide on is a name for your cat. Although Fluffy or Mittens might be a fitting monicker for your new feline, something a little more distinctive will be much more memorable. Even your hard-to-impress friends will appreciate the thought you put into your baby’s new name. Maybe they’ll get a little chuckle, too — if that’s what you’re going for!

If you need a hand starting your name search, you’re in the right place. We’ve got cute, clever, and everything in between. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new kitty’s name right on this list! Here are just a few of our favorite unique cat names, from A to Z.

Cool boy-cat names

There’s no better way to help friends and family get to know your cat than with a special, specific name. Think of a cute quirk of theirs you’d want to highlight or a TV or book character they remind you of. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s fitting for your furry boy.


This one’s for the Harry Potter fans. If your kitty gives you any mysterious, wizard-y vibes, this handle might just be for him. Perhaps you’ve just rescued a sweet senior gentleman with a long white coat (Dumbledore, anyone?), or your new feline friend is a master of escape magic. Or maybe he just … looks like an Albus!

a striped housecat lies on the ground with paws in front of them


If you’re like a lot of people, you find giving pets a human name pretty funny. Imagine introducing your friends to your new roommate, Dennis, just to see the look on their faces when they realize he’s a cat.

Alternatively, Dennis the Menace is pretty fitting for a lot of felines, although a kitty with this name probably won’t make the cleanest-roommates list.

Cute girl-cat names

If you’ve got a female cat coming to join your family, something more femme might be an ideal choice. Celebrities like Taylor Swift have used human names as inspiration — her cats’ names are Meredith Gray, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button — though you can get as creative as you like when thinking up a name for your kitty. These were a few of our ideas:


Whether this name reminds you of a delicate dessert or an adorable Animal Crossing character, it’s certainly a cute name for a cat. Your friends might need to ask how to spell this name, but they’ll certainly remember how sweet it is. Just like your fur baby!


This appellation is a little more exotic, perhaps for more exotic breeds like servals — or kitties who are wild at heart! If you want to take an out-there name a step further, ZaZa Zoom could be a fantastically unforgettable full name for an especially energetic cat. Some purebred cats might need a registered name, after all. You wouldn’t want it to be something plain, would you?

For any sex

Of course, there is a multitude of names out there fitting for a cat of any gender, age, and personality. Whether you name them after something you love or just want something that will make you smile, you’re sure to find more names than you could imagine with an internet search — perhaps some like these!

an orange and white cat licks its paws


If your new friend loves hanging out in the kitchen, a culinary-themed name might be the way to go. Cheddar could be especially fitting for the Big Cheese of the house — because, let’s be real, the cat’s the one who’s really in charge here.

By the way, keep in mind that cats are lactose intolerant. Even though some felines really love cheese and will continue to eat it even if it makes them sick, it shouldn’t be a regular part of their diet.

Periwinkle, or Perry

If this name sounds familiar to you, you’re not crazy. Periwinkle the cat was a somewhat-regular guest on the children’s show Blue’s Clues for a few years. Although it’s a name inspired by a color, it also has a cute, storybooklike ring to it, which could work for almost any kitty.


Another gender-neutral name with an adorable sound, this one is truly unforgettable. Your friends might be reminded of a pacifier or the funny little flip that bunnies do when they’re happy, but before long, the only thing they’ll think of is your sweet cat!

Whether your new furry friend is better suited for a masculine name, a feminine one, or something in between, you’re going to find the perfect one sooner or later. The internet offers a well of inspiration for pets of all kinds, though one sure way to make certain your friends never forget your cat’s name is to ask them to name your new pet themselves! Great minds think alike, right? Your friends can probably think up something both you and your kitty will be crazy for.

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