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These guinea pig names are so cute, we can hardly stand it

If you’re as obsessed with guinea pigs as we are, your feed is probably full of cute piggies with even cuter names. It’s a lot to live up to. When bringing home your new popcorner, you may be nervous about the prospect of trying to figure out how to succinctly describe the little joy-bundle. But with enough tries, you’ll surely discover the perfect descriptor. The right name will both suit his personality and your style and will be something he loves to hear. Whether you’re looking for precious, funny, clever, or easy, we have the ultimate list of monikers to fit any pet disposition. We came up with some of the best guinea pig names for your furry little friend.

Guinea pig with plants above his head

Do guinea pigs respond to names?

Absolutely! These rodents can learn to recognize the sound of their labels. You’ll want to stick with something relatively simple, which will help them pick it up quickly. If you do select a longer or more elaborate title, think of a quick and easy nickname that will be used daily. Very similar to how you’d train a dog, your small pet will learn through repetition and reward. Use that new sweet handle frequently and give your cavy an extra special snack when he starts to respond to it. Extra points if you teach each piggy in your herd his name. 

How do I pick a good name?

Choosing your pet’s designation is one of the most important decisions you make about him. Select it carefully! Start by building a long list before you bring him back to your home and then narrow it down once you meet him. These little creatures really don’t care whether they have a “ girl” or “boy” name but some owners have fun with the perfect guys’ and ladies’ call signs or by finding two names that have to go together. Also, never worry at first whether something sounds silly or imperfect. After all, your little cutie will never know the difference. 

Two cute guinea pigs cuddling

What should I name my male guinea pig?

It’s a bit overwhelming when looking at hundreds of possibilities – both human-sounding ones and those purely for animals – but you can narrow it down by splitting them down into categories. Do you want something that describes your guinea pig’s good looks? Try Caramel or Colonel Mustard (and yes, Professor Plum will match his brother excellently). Or think of famous characters with an introspective Bruno or fun-loving Woody. Give Viceroy a try if you really notice you have a leader of the pack on your hands (Admiral would make a good companion for him).

What should I name my female guinea pig?

Flowers and fruits often suit our girlie pets. Apple with her sister Blossom will delight all visitors as a delightful pair of happy animals. For a fancier bunch, try out Opal and Pearl; Gem and Topaz could be their male counterparts. Don’t ignore pretty princesses who might jump to mind while you watch your excitable critters: give a shot to Belle and Ariel for particularly adventurous critters who never seem to want to sit still. Remember, you never need to worry about going with something ladylike as female piggies will enjoy a strong-sounding depiction to match their bold character. 

Help your pig learn their name

No matter what you settle on, start by saying your potential name a bunch of times in front of them to elicit a response (it helps if you hold a treat while you do it). Sometimes, you might begin with one thing and wind up changing to a completely different name a week or two in. It’s OK; we promise they don’t mind. Without even meaning to, animals occasionally stumble upon a name so perfectly, we could never call them anything else. Still, it can never hurt to brainstorm some coordinated ideas that all fit together and yet each perfectly describes the piggy in question. Get clever by bringing in pig-related themes (Piggy Porker or Peppa Pig) or tap into classic duos, trios, and quartets like the Muscateers and Weasley twins. When you can’t seem to decide, start them on an online presence by polling the world, who will help select the ideal name for your new companions. 

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