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6 hamster treats your furry friend will love

Give your hamster the same love you give the rest of your family by feeding him only the best. Even if you provide the right kinds of hamster food for his official mealtimes, or even if you’ve got the hamster diet basics down to a T, giving treats is a special bonding rite between owner and pet – so you’ll want to make sure you’re giving him treats he loves. At the same time, treats shouldn’t be unhealthy just because they’re special! Fresh fruits and veggies are a staple for small pets, and these thoughtfully crafted treats are no exception. Your furry friend will love these new snacks, and you’ll love that they’re made of the freshest, healthiest ingredients.

All of these hamster treats can be found online at, a wonderland of pet supplies and accessories, so you know you’re truly getting the best. High-quality ingredients are so important in keeping your pet healthy, and that’s just as true for treats. These are some of our favorite hamster bits and bites that your little friend is sure to enjoy as well.

1.eCOTRITION Yogies Cheese Flavor Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats & Mice Treat

In folklore, mice are the ones who love cheese, but in reality, most small rodents do, too! eCOTRITION’s Yogies hamster cheese snacks are perfect for your hamster with their satisfying flavor, safe small size, and fantastic price. At less than $2 a bag, these are a treat for you and your furry friend. They’re made with real yogurt, so you know your buddy is getting the calcium and nutrients he needs, all in a treat he loves.

a chubby beige hamster holds a ring-shaped treat in his mouth
Ellie Burgin/Pexels

2. Oxbow Simple Rewards Freeze-Dried Strawberry Small Animal Treats

If you’re looking for a hamster treat that’s honest about its ingredients, look no further than Oxbow’s Simple Rewards Freeze-Dried Strawberry Small Animal Treats. These delicious snacks are 100% freeze-dried strawberry … period! With no added sugar, preservatives, or colors, you don’t have anything to worry about (as long as you hand out treats judiciously, of course). While strawberries are a great source of antioxidants and vitamin C for hamsters, the folks at Oxbow remind us that even these treats shouldn’t make up more than 5% of their daily diet.

3. Oxbow Bene Terra Organic Barley Biscuits Small Animal Treats

These organic treats will bring out your hamster’s natural instinct in more than one way. The ingredients found in the Oxbow Bene Terra Organic Barley Biscuits include all-natural hay as well as fresh fruits and veggies — plants your pet would forage in the wild. Hay is full of fiber, which is superhelpful in regulating dietary function in any mammal. These top-tier ingredients are compacted and baked into a crunchy treat that will satisfy your hamster’s instinct for chewing, too. This is a treat he’ll love to work for.

4. Kaytee Fiesta Krunch-A-Rounds Small Animal Treats

For a slightly different flavor, Kaytee Fiesta Krunch-A-Rounds provide a crunchy, nutty taste that will have your hamster reaching to take the treat right out of your hands. These treats are made with a peanut center (a great source of protein) that’s coated in crispy rice and sesame seeds for texture as well as flavor. Each bite is also fortified with vitamins and minerals to give your furry friend the nutrition he needs. The nutty middle gives your hamster a target to chew toward, which will be mentally stimulating as well.

5. Kaytee Mini Salt Savors Small Pet Treats, 4 count

For furry friends who love to gnaw, Kaytee’s Mini Salt Savors Small Pet Treats will keep them entertained all day. With farmers-market fresh flavors such as carrot and apple, these treats will win hamsters over from the first taste. Plus, they’re small! Your little furball won’t have any trouble holding and even nibbling on this pint-sized treat. Each savor should last a while, but each product comes in a pack of four, so you won’t have to run to the pet store for more treats as frequently. Whether you hand them straight to your pet or attach one to a toy, they’re sure to be a hit.

a white and tan hamster stands on a rock and holds a snack to its mouth
Sharon Snider/

6. Living World Fruit Hamster Stick Treats, 2 count

These treats are a toy and a snack in one item! On the outside, each Living World Fruit Hamster Stick is coated in grains, seeds, and dried fruits, all of which your hamster will love. Their need to nibble will be satisfied, too. Not only is each stick triple-baked to ensure maximum crunchiness, but they’re also all made with a pet-safe wooden stick at the center — one that hamsters will love to chew. Since they’re able to expend all that excess energy with chewing, you might not hear them up and at ’em all night as usual. A treat for you both!

Whatever your hamster’s tastes may be, there’s a high-quality treat out there that’s perfect for him. Luckily, small animal treats all tend to be reasonably priced, so most pet owners can afford a little trial and error if you happen to run into a picky eater. We hope this inspired you and your hamster to try out some new treats!

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