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The best bird baths for outdoors to entice wild birds to your garden

Birds generally seek a good water source for both drinking and bathing. They don’t like deep pools of water since they could drown. A shallow water source, such as an outdoor bird bath, is best. Help the flying friends in your neighborhood by getting one of these top-notch and attractive bird baths for outdoors.

There generally are two routes to follow to attract more birds to your yard: Add a bird feeder or put up a bird bath. Better yet, get both, and place multiples of both in your backyard. You might find it surprising how many more birds will be darting around and adding a graceful nature touch. For help with choosing the right bird bath, consider these leading outdoor options.

VIVOHOME Antique Outdoor Bird Bath

Best Decorative

If a very decorative bird bath intrigues you, check out the VIVOHOME Antique Outdoor Bird Bath. The 28-inch bird bath is designed to reflect an elegant European royal style. It features a bronzed patina and a hollow base that makes the bird bath more lightweight and easier to move. This product includes ground stakes to keep it in place or the pedestal can be filled with gravel or stones.

API Heated Bird Bath

Best Heated

Want to heat the water in your bird bath? Then get the API Heated Bird Bath, which has a 120-volt heater and a power cord stored underneath the basin to keep water heated for year-round bathing. This bird bath features a clamp-on mounting bracket, so the basin can be dumped out to clear any stagnant water. Its rim is designed to accommodate a natural talon grip.

Solatec Solar Fountain

Best Bath Pump

A water pump for a bird bath is a great feature. The Solatec Solar Fountain serves as one, functioning as a floating fountain pump. Once its solar panel gains sunlight, it runs automatically. Four different nozzle heads can be attached to the pump to change the water height and patterns. The 6.3 x 6.3 x 1-inch fountain doesn’t require a battery or electricity.

Since birds need water to drink and bath, they constantly are on the lookout for good water sources. Provide a beneficial bathing spot by adding one of these well-designed outdoor bird baths to your backyard.

PawTracks Contributor
PawTracks Contributor
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