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The best fish tanks for your aquatic friends

For small apartments or other living quarters with limited space, having large pets is a challenge. However, fish can be an easy way to own a pet without major responsibilities. A betta tank is an excellent solution for animal lovers everywhere, who want to care for a pet but don’t have the time, commitment, or space to own a dog, cat, or caged pet. The compact design of these tank kits are perfect for small spaces without falling short on the joys of pet ownership.

Fish tanks are convenient because they require little work to set up but have a big impact on your home environment. The aquariums on our list include everything you need to start your fish-keepingadventure. All you need to add outside of these fully equipped kits are the fish, which — let’s face it — is the fun part Check out our favorite small fish tanks for your home.

MarineLand Glass LED Aquarium Kit

Best Portrait

If you’re looking for a uniquely shaped fish tank, look no further than the MarineLand Glass LED Aquarium Kit. With a portrait orientation and hidden filtration system, this 5-gallon fish aquarium offers enhanced viewing with an elegant design. The included LED lights have a natural daylight and moonlight setting to create the perfect atmosphere for your fish.

Aqueon Princess Castle Aquarium Kit

Best for Beginners

Mermaids in training love the Aqueon Princess Castle Aquarium Kit to start on their fish adventure. This acrylic, half-gallon aquarium is the perfect palace for your betta fish to reign. It’s easy to clean and will motivate your little princess to take good care of their pet. This kit includes an aquarium plant, decorative gravel, betta food, and water-care samples for a complete beginner’s tank.

GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank

Best LED Lighting

For a brilliant aquatic experience, the GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank is your fun pet habitat. With a capacity of 5 gallons and a blue LED overhead light, this cool tank brings out the beautiful neon colors of your Glofish. This luminous tank creates a fluorescent environment that makes your fish and your home shine.

Fish tanks are known to reduce levels of stress, improve sleep quality, and decrease anxiety. The tanks on our list are perfect for homes of any size. Besides taking up little room, these easy-to-care-for fish homes include everything you need for quick setup. With our favorite fish tanks, you can start enjoying the benefits of fish ownership today.