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The best small bird cages for your feathered friend

There are plenty of features to consider when choosing a cage for small birds. One thing to look for is the number of perches your bird can rest on. Also, be sure to check the width between the cage wires so your view is not obstructed. If you and your bird stay on the go, you might need a cage with a convenient handle for easy carrying.

While you are weighing features in bird cages, you will see that it is more than finding just the right size for your bird. If you are someone who travels a lot or if you just like to take your bird with you when you visit friends, you may need a cage that is extra sturdy. If your cage will simply stay at home, sometimes the aesthetics are a bigger priority. Whatever you may need, there is a small bird cage perfect for you and your buddy.

Prevue Hendryx Travel Bird Cage

Best for Travel

If you are traveling from one location to another and want to give your bird as little stress as possible, then the Prevue Hendryx Travel Bird Cage will make your bird feel right at home — even when they are not. This is specifically designed for short travel distances with your bird. The cage comes with two steel feeding dishes and a wooden perch. A side door lets your bird come in and out of the cage. When not in use, you can easily fold it up and store it away.

You&Me Ranch House Cage

Best Decorative Cage

The beautiful design of a You&Me Ranch House Cage will fit right into your rustic home. Your bird will live like royalty in this luxuious cage. The cage has a nice roof and the doors have an elegant flourish that mimics the design of a fanciful door found in upscale houses. The two covered dishes are easy to fill and the two perches give your bird plenty of choice as to where to lay around and hang out.

Paradise Toys CaitecPerch & Go Carrier

Best for Transport

When you need to get your bird to the vet in the most efficient and safe manner, the Paradise Toys CaitecPerch & Go Carrier has got you covered. This is a narrow cage that has a small perch for your bird to hang out on as you transport them around. The cage itself is made of durable plastic and the doors are parrot-proof so the latch will not come off until you want it to.

Your small bird deserves to feel like they are home, and the right kind of bird cage will do just that. Carry them around safely or let them fly around in a cage of their own. Whatever they need, one of the choices we’ve listed here should fit the bill.

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Why are birds attracted to certain colors?
There are probably a few reasons birds seem attracted to certain colors. Many birds eat fruit and the nectar of flowers and are therefore inclined to the colors associated with them. That’s why hummingbirds and others go for the bright, beautiful flowers in our yards (or the feeders designed to mimic them). In addition, pretty feathers aren’t just attractive to you but are also intended to help birds procure mates. On the other hand, birds in the wild might display color patches as a warning, which may lead fellow birds to fear some colors.
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