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Green Tree Python draped over a branch

Building the best snake habitat for your new pet

How to build your own snake habitat your slithering little friend will love
Green snake on a branch

The basics: everything a pet snake needs

After careful consideration, you’ve decided to add a snake to your family. Our checklist has everything they need to be happy and comfortable.
Person holding an orange striped snake

3 snakes that make great pets and love to be handled

Contrary to popular belief, snakes make great pets. We list three snakes that love to be handled and how to care for each one.
Large aquarium with lights in a home

Aquarium lighting guide: What you need to know

Getting the right aquarium light for your fish is an essential accessory. Our guide helps your fish live a long, healthy life in their home
Tortoise walking in garden

Turtle or tortoise? Here’s how to choose

You're wondering if having turtle or tortoise would be best for your home. We discuss their habitat, sizes, diets, and lifespans
Man holding a pet python

The best types of reptiles for you

Reptiles are great pets to own. They are fascinating creatures to watch and easy to care for. We have a guide on the best ones to own
Two turtles eating kale

What types of foods and snacks are best for turtles?

When you bring a turtle into your home, you wonder what you'll feed your new friend. We list the best foods and snacks for them
Young woman holding chameleon

These are the 10 most popular reptile pets in the US

If you're looking to buy a reptile, you’re sure to find one that you love. Here are the 10 most popular reptiles kept as pets in the U.S.
Bearded dragon on a rock

Lizard or snake? How to choose which is right for you

There are some key differences between lizards and snakes if you pick one as a pet. Decide from our list which is best for you