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Guinea pig makes a daring leap in viral video, and now we’ve seen everything

TikTok user PawsomePets has over 600,000 followers and posts amazing and fun pet videos of all kinds, but we think they really hit the jackpot with this random gem of a video captured on what appears to be a street in Japan. We dare you to watch and not say ‘aww!’ and ‘wow!’ in the same breath.


I’ve seen it all now! ? @ГРОКЪ #fyp #guineapig #funny #petsoftiktok

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Who knew guinea pigs could be trained so well? In the TikTok video, a man, who is holding a string attached to a toy car on the ground (complete with working lights) pauses on the sidewalk long enough for his pet guinea pig to hop on his ‘ride’. Then, off the adorable duo go, with the man pulling the toy car with his furry friend behind him! The true joy of this video can be found in the details: we love how there’s a face mask in place on the front of the car that perfectly fits the guinea pig’s adorable furry face, and that the man doesn’t even pause when a piece of litter from the sidewalk catches the front of the toy car and is swept along with the car and passenger. Both pet parent and piggy are properly masked for a day on the town, and we love the sight of the piggy’s adorable little behind as they ‘roll’ on down the sidewalk.

Not surprisingly, the comments on TikTok are hilarious, ranging from pangs of jealousy (I can’t get my guinea pig to do that!) to concerns about the rubbish on the street (that napkin is along for the ride!). Most TikTok commenters echo one another about the extreme cuteness factor of this video, while a few outliers worry about the safety of the man’s guinea pig companion. We think his fur baby hopped on his waiting ride willingly enough, however!

We just wish we could have learned more: what is this cute piggy’s name? Where is this unlikely duo headed? What city are they in? We have so many questions!

Can guinea pigs learn tricks?

Guinea pigs are known for their friendliness and desire to cuddle, and yes, they are as cute as can be. But believe it or not, you can teach your guinea pig fur babies some pretty slick tricks, too. Guinea pigs are quite clever, but they do have short attention spans, so it’s best to keep your piggy lessons short. Consistency and repetition are key, says GuineaDad, who emphasizes that some piggies do learn faster than others. Have your fur baby’s favorite treats on hand, and with practice, your piggy can learn his name and even come when called.

Girl lies in hammock with guinea pig on her lap
Petr Bonek / Shutterstock

Remember to give your piggy a treat only when she’s successful, to eliminate confusion, and remember not to rush it. According to the experts at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic, it’s important to bond with your furry friend before attempting any tricks or training. Always train your piggy in a safe, secure environment, and remember that not every pig will be up for stunts like the one captured in this TikTok video! Your little fur baby may not be quite the daredevil, and that’s okay!

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