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Chihuahua being bandaged by owner

Giving human pain medication to dogs: What you need to know

If your dog is hurt or in pain, should you give human pain medicine to your pet? Follow our guidelines to find out what's best
cat treat for training

Need to train your cat? Try treats as motivation

Training your cat doesn't need to be an impossible task. With a bit of work and some yummy treats for your feline friend you'll be able to train them.
keeping worms out of fish tank

Worms in your aquarium? Here’s how to get rid of them

Aquariums are a great way to showcase amazing fish. Read our guide to keeping them worm-free.
Dog looking out window

Pawpack vs. Barkbox: Dog subscription plans compared

Are you looking for the best dog treat delivery service? We’ve detailed and compared two of the most popular subscription plans
Bulk dog food in shelves

How to store dry dog food and keep it fresh

It’s easy to keep your dog’s food fresh and tasting delicious. Follow the proper storage methods to properly store it
bird cage

The best ways to play with your pet bird

Birds are intelligent, curious, and smart, and playing games with your pet bird helps you bond in new ways. Here are the best ways to play with your pet bird.
Dog with large ears

Does your dog have smelly ears? Here’s what it could mean

When it comes to your dog's ears, a change in odor can often signal a bigger issue. Here's what you need to know to keep your pet healthy.
Kitten in litter box

The best place to put a litter box in your home

If you have a cat at home, you need an indoor litter box. Where should you put a litter box? We list our ideas for the best places and rooms to put one.
Hamster in glass cage

Are hamsters friendly family pets?

If you’re interested in buying your child a small pet, you might have considered a hamster. However, there are a few things to consider
Doberman dog with a red collar

The best collars for long-neck dogs

Dogs with long necks need a specialized type of collar. You can get them a new, comfortable collar designed specifically for them
man smiling and rubbing dog's neck outside

The seven greatest dog names for your new best friend

A brand new dog is an exciting addition to your house - and its name is your first important decision. Here are the best names for your new best friend.
clipping cat claws

How to clip a cat’s nails and not get scratched

Clipping your cats' claws can be nerve-wracking. Here's our guide that will leave both you and your cat happy.
Small dog being walked between grass and a sidewalk

It’s Summer — remember to keep your dog off the pavement

Have you been wondering how to keep your dog cool on walks around the neighborhood? We list the ways to keep them cool and safe
Orange cat in pink litter box

How often should you clean your cat’s litter?

How often should you clean cat litter? The answer depends on a variety of factors.You can balance your cat's needs with your own.
Old back dog lying on grass

What kind of joint supplements should you be giving your aging dog?

When our older dog isn’t as sprightly as they used to be, a canine joint supplement may help. We list the best ones that might help them
if your cat isn't eating

Should you be concerned if your cat isn’t eating?

Changes in a cats eating habit can be a sign of a deeper problem. Here's what to look out for if your feline friend isn't enjoying food.
Hamster being fed by a person

The right kinds of food for your pet hamster

Can your hamster have healthy meals and treats that support their overall well-being and happiness? We can tell you how
Bulldog eating from bowl in metal crate

The best types of water dispensers for dog crates

When your dog spends a lot of time in a crate, a water dispenser is essential. Our list has the best fit for your dog.
Parakeet on branch

Here are the best birds to keep as pets

Birds come in a range of colors, demeanor, and sizes. Our list has some of the best birds to have as pets to suit your taste
Black car eating from bowl

Cat food 101: What ingredients to look for

As a new or longtime cat owner, you're concerned about their food. Learn about what dry cat food ingredients are healthy and which aren’t
puppy food

When should you switch your puppy to adult dog food?

Puppies have special dietary needs, which change over time. Read our guide on feeding your puppy so they'll thrive.
orange and white cat laying on grass looking at camera with paws up

Is it easy to teach cats tricks?

From simply sitting to jumping through a hoop, cats can be trained to do lots of things with the right tools. Learn what it takes for successful cat training.
gray cat laying in cat bed

How to tell if your cat has fleas

Luckily, you know your cat best, so when your feline friend has fleas, odds are you’ll notice some unusual behavior. Here's how to tell if your cat has fleas.
Labrador retriever with blue collar

Collar or harness? It depends on the dog

When walking your dog, do you use a collar or harness? Before you buy one of these restraints, it is important to understand your dog
Brown dog eating out of metal bowl

Dog food 101: Can you freeze dry dog food?

When you buy your dog’s favorite food, it can lead to overbuying. We list tips and tricks for freezing dog food that will ensure longevity
Cat scratching couch

The reasons cats scratch posts (and furniture)

Cats don’t scratch things in our home just to annoy you. We list the reasons why and what you can do about it that helps your furry friend
cleaning aquarium

How to deep clean a fish aquarium in one hour or less

Every aquarium needs a thorough clean from time to time - use our guide to make yours perfect for your fish.
Orange cat with metal bowl

The right dry cat food ingredients for indoor cats

What exactly should your pet cat be eating? And what is the best quality and affordable dry cat food? Read our guide to find out
Cat eating from metal bowl on floor

Is wet cat food healthy for your indoor cat?

Is wet cat food better for cats than dry cat food? What are the healthiest kinds of soft food? Get these answers in this article
cat litter tray

What is the right amount of litter for your cat’s box?

Getting a cat is an exciting addition to your household - read up on how much litter you'll need for a happy cat.
bird cage

How often you should replace the paper or liner in your bird’s cage

Your bird needs a clean cage - check out our guide for how often to change the liner.
Man hugging golden retriever

Golden Retriever training 101: Potty training

Your golden retriever potty-training process may take patience, but they are highly trainable dogs. Effective methods are listed
best dog leash length small white with red bandana and

How long should a dog’s leash be?

Wondering how long should a dog's leash be? You are looking for a happy medium where your dog feels peaceful, controlled, and free to move while next to you.
Bearded dragon on a rock

Lizard or snake? How to choose which is right for you

There are some key differences between lizards and snakes if you pick one as a pet. Decide from our list which is best for you
White dog with pink booties walking in park

Do dogs need shoes for the hot summer months?

If you have a dog and live in a hot place, they might need dog shoes, also called dog booties. We explain why your dog would need them
Curled-up cat sleeping in cover

Here’s where cats like to sleep in your home and why

Sometimes, cats like to change locations when they sleep. There are a few common things cats do when they're sleeping and what it could mean
cat and vet

Pet wellness plans versus pet insurance: What’s the difference?

Your pets' health and happiness are paramount - so should you go for a pet wellness plan, or pet insurance?
Cat walking out of litter box

Why cats always cover their waste

Cats like to cover their waste while they are in the litter box. Learn why your cat does this unusual and mysterious habit
Black cat wearing collar and tag

Here are the types of collars your indoor-outdoor cat needs

Before you let your indoor cat go explore outside, it is important to look into what type of collar your cat needs. We list the best ones
Cat in cardboard box

We finally know why cats love cardboard boxes so much

You must have wondered why your cat can be so entertained by a cardboard box. We’ll tell you all the secrets behind this simple pleasure
British Bull Dog Eating from Dog Bowl

Dog food 101: Can you freeze wet dog food?

If your dog eats wet dog food, you don’t have to throw away uneaten portion. Freezing it in usable portions should help preserve it
Pit bull lying on a carpet

Are pit bulls easy to train?

Pit bulls make great family pets. They are energetic, fun, and completely lovable. Training them isn’t as hard as you may think.
Woman feeding cat a treat

Are cat treats healthy?

When it comes to treats for your cat, it is important to always know every ingredient that goes into them. We list what to look for
small cat looking up and playing with pink toys

The real reason cats randomly scratch people

Even though cats seem to lash out for no reason, there is usually an explanation for their behavior. Here's the real reason why cats randomly scratch people.
Old black dog sleeping

Why older dogs sleep so much

Older dogs often spend a lot of time sleeping. We discuss what’s normal and what might not be about your beloved older dog,
Woman with bird on head and shoulder

Interesting bird names you may be overlooking

Naming your pet bird can be as much fun as owning one. There are many great names to choose, including sweet, cute, or humorous ones
Dog in custom doghouse

How to keep an outdoor doghouse cool during the summer

It’s crucial to keep your dog's outdoor doghouse cool throughout the hot months. See how you can give your pet a haven from the blazing sun