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dog fence

The right and wrong ways to Install an electric pet fence

An electric pet fence can be a safe way to keep your pets from leaving your property. Here are some simple do’s and don'ts when installing a system.   
Cat sitting under a chair near a water bowl

4 types of cat water bowls your pet will love

When picking out a water bowl for your cat, you want to get them the perfect one. Check out our top picks that will be enjoyed by your pet
Older dog with collar in woods

Why some older dogs smell bad

As your favorite dog gets older, they get a little extra stinky. We offer causes and solutions for your beloved, smelly pooch
Cute cat in Halloween costume

Cute cat Halloween costumes for every feline

Cats sometimes get overlooked in the Halloween fun, but these adorable cat costumes ensure your felines get to join in with everyone else.
train pets to not jump on furniture dog laying yellow couch

How to train your pets not to jump on furniture

Let’s take a closer look at how to train your pets not to jump on furniture.
how to make your own awesome aquarium backgrounds background 2

How to make your own awesome aquarium backgrounds

You don't have to be an artist for this DIY project. Creating a unique background for your aquarium will make your home even more special. 
bird cage

How to choose the right pet for you

There’s a pet out there that fits each individual’s personality. Ponder the following questions to help decide on the ideal pet for you.
cat treat for training

5 effective methods for disciplining and training cats

You can modify your cat’s behavior effectively with some disciplining and training methods.
Cat waiting for food in a bowl

Great storage ideas to keep cat food fresh

Check out some of the best ways to keep your cat’s food not only organized but also fresh.
puppy in grass looking up

A five-step plan for training your dog at home

Whether it’s a puppy or an adult dog, you’re in charge of teaching your furry companion what’s expected. Here's a five-step plan for training your dog.
two fish in a fish tank

How to make parasite medicine for your fish

Parasites can grow out of nowhere in your aquarium because of temperature changes and food remains that foster the growth of these organisms. Check out the best way to cure your fish’s parasite.
Hamster wrapped up in hay

The safest types of bedding for hamsters

When making your hamster's home, it is vital that they have a safe and cozy environment. We list what makes it best for them
Cat lying on top of man on couch

Why cats love to lie on people

Cats have a fondness to lie on top of their owner and purr themselves to sleep. We list the reasons why they enjoy doing it
how to make a dog harness out of rope harnessv2

How to make a dog harness out of rope

In just a few simple steps your dog can have a custom harness made just for them -- reflective of their style and personality.
is diy cat litter worth it 2

Is DIY cat litter worth it?

If you are interested in saving money, protecting the environment, and promoting both human and feline health, DIY cat litter just might be the answer.
how to build a dog run on the side of your house

How to build a dog run on the side of your house

Looking for options to keep your fur baby occupied while you're at work? Follow our guide on how to build a dog run on the side of your house. 
Three dogs at different ages

At what age is a dog no longer a puppy?

As your puppy grows, it is important to meet their changing needs. Learn more about when a puppy transitions to an adult dog.
Man walking a dog on a beach

Which dogs can (and can’t) be on retractable leashes

A retractable leash might keep your dog safe when you're walking. We take a look at the details so you can make the right choice
Pet ferret playing with a toy

Ferrets 101: Everything you need to know

Ferrets are mischievous little animals that are super fun to watch. Let’s learn the most important basic facts about having one as a pet
Calico cat sleeping on couch

Why cats sleep so much

We've put together the intriguing reasons why cats sleep so much.
Retriever on veterinarian's table with bandaged paw

Will pet insurance cover preexisting conditions?

Will pet insurance ever cover preexisting conditions? We take a look at the basics of pet insurance to answer this important question
Dog in a metal crate with blankets

Dog crate decorating: What you should (and shouldn’t) do

Your dog's crate should be a secure and comfortable place. Here's what you need to know about decorating it and making it safe
Tortoise walking in garden

Turtle or tortoise? Here’s how to choose

You're wondering if having turtle or tortoise would be best for your home. We discuss their habitat, sizes, diets, and lifespans
old dog

Understanding incontinence in older dogs

With proper care and love, you can help your older dog deal with incontinence and feel as nurtured as when they were a young pup.
Gray cat scratching a couch

How to keep a cat from scratching up your furniture

Scratching is a distinct cat behavior, but you don’t have to sacrifice your furniture to keep your cat happy. Here are some tips you can try
Man holding a pet python

The best types of reptiles for you

Reptiles are great pets to own. They are fascinating creatures to watch and easy to care for. We have a guide on the best ones to own
Terrier earing a sweater and dog shoes

Do dogs need shoes for the cold winter months?

Winter months are fun for dog walks, your furry friend might need to protect their paws. We take a look at when dog shoes are needed
Two turtles eating kale

What types of foods and snacks are best for turtles?

When you bring a turtle into your home, you wonder what you'll feed your new friend. We list the best foods and snacks for them
Cat curled up in covers on bed

Yes, you should let your cat sleep in your bed with you

Many people enjoy sharing their bed with their cat at night. We highlight the pros and cons of allowing your cat to sleep beside you.
Colorful fish and coral in a saltwater aquarium

Great water plants for your saltwater aquarium

Adding plants to your saltwater aquarium is a great benefit for your fish. Here is a curated list of the best options out there
dog travel bag

The best small pets for frequent travelers

Many pets travel well and there are pets that do well even when left alone for days. Here are some pocket pets you might want to consider.
can you train a guinea pig closeup

Can you train a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs are highly intelligent and can learn to respond to their name and even perform neat tricks. Here are the basics of guinea pig training.
Puppy chewing on women's shoes

How to keep a teething puppy from destroying your home

It's totally normal for puppies to be obsessed with chewing. Here are some tips to help you survive a teething puppy
cat bell collar

Are cat collars with bells good for their hearing?

Should you put a bell on your cat's collar? Here’s the truth your cat wishes they could tell you about that very thing.
Rabbit eating romaine lettuce

The best treats to give your pet rabbit

Like everyone else, bunnies love treats. Check out this curated list of the great options to provide your pet with the best treats
Old brown dog sleeping

How much does pet insurance really cost?

Are you wondering how much pet insurance really costs? Factor in deductibles, copays, and monthly premiums to get a full view of how much you'll have to pay.
Cat sitting outside with red collar

What to look for when getting your cat a collar

A quality collar should ensure your cat is comfortable and safe. You can blend these two goals to find the right collar for your cat
Dog holding leash in its mouth

The best dog leash types for your breed

The best leash will help your dog walk better, respond more effectively to your commands, and make them feel secure. We list the best ones
Woman testing water in aquarium

What to do with your fish while you deep-clean their aquarium

When cleaning your aquarium, you might be concerned about your fish. The good news is that you can safely keep them happily swimming in it
Calico cat in cat bed

The best types of cat beds for your cat (and home)

If your cat doesn't have a bed, your furry friend needs one now. Find out about the different types of cat beds that will work best
Young woman holding chameleon

These are the 10 most popular reptile pets in the US

If you're looking to buy a reptile, you’re sure to find one that you love. Here are the 10 most popular reptiles kept as pets in the U.S.
Chihuahua being bandaged by owner

Giving human pain medication to dogs: What you need to know

If your dog is hurt or in pain, should you give human pain medicine to your pet? Follow our guidelines to find out what's best
cat treat for training

Need to train your cat? Try treats as motivation

Training your cat doesn't need to be an impossible task. With a bit of work and some yummy treats for your feline friend you'll be able to train them.
keeping worms out of fish tank

Worms in your aquarium? Here’s how to get rid of them

Aquariums are a great way to showcase amazing fish. Read our guide to keeping them worm-free.
Dog looking out window

Pawpack vs. Barkbox: Dog subscription plans compared

Are you looking for the best dog treat delivery service? We’ve detailed and compared two of the most popular subscription plans
Bulk dog food in shelves

How to store dry dog food and keep it fresh

It’s easy to keep your dog’s food fresh and tasting delicious. Follow the proper storage methods to properly store it
bird cage

The best ways to play with your pet bird

Birds are intelligent, curious, and smart, and playing games with your pet bird helps you bond in new ways. Here are the best ways to play with your pet bird.
Dog with large ears

Does your dog have smelly ears? Here’s what it could mean

When it comes to your dog's ears, a change in odor can often signal a bigger issue. Here's what you need to know to keep your pet healthy.
Kitten in litter box

The best place to put a litter box in your home

If you have a cat at home, you need an indoor litter box. Where should you put a litter box? We list our ideas for the best places and rooms to put one.
Hamster in glass cage

Are hamsters friendly family pets?

If you’re interested in buying your child a small pet, you might have considered a hamster. However, there are a few things to consider