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These 4 heated cat beds will keep your pet toasty and warm

A traditional cat bed gives your cat a soft place to nap, but adding a little heat to that bed can transform it into a cat paradise. Heated cat beds are great for cats of all ages, but they can be particularly helpful for older cats with arthritis, cats recovering from illnesses, and young kittens, too. A heated cat bed can be an excellent choice in the winter, but chances are your cat will enjoy the extra warmth all year long. These four picks for the best heated cat beds create warm and cozy spots made for cat-naps.

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

The K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed creates a comfy, warm space perfect for snuggles and catnaps. Soft foam walls create an enclosed space that appeals to cats, and the bed is equipped with a removable cover, so it’s easy to wash and care for. The bed is available in a 16- and 20-inch size, making it simple to get the best fit for your cat.

The bed is thermostatically controlled, meaning it will warm up only when it detects your cat’s body heat in the bed. This can help you save electricity, since the bed operates only when it’s needed. The bed uses just four watts of power, but it warms to 102 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your cat feeling toasty. It can be used year-round indoors.

Toozey Heated Cat House

If you’re looking for heated cat beds to use outdoors, the Toozey Heated Cat House gives your kitty a snug space all her own, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Hook-and-loop fasteners and zippers make for a quick and easy assembly or disassembly, and your cat will enjoy privacy in this heated cat house. Its roof and base are completely waterproof.

The house includes a heating pad with a 59-inch chew-proof cord for safety. It features a soft, machine-washable cover that’s a snap to care for. Two clear door flaps keep the heat in and the cold out, so your cat can come and go as she pleases while always having a warm place to return to.

K&H Pet Products Pet Bed Warmer

The K&H Pet Products Pet Bed Warmer is highly versatile, so instead of buying a single heated bed, you can use this bed warmer to heat any of your cat’s existing pet beds. It’s an excellent way to make your cat’s favorite spot even more relaxing, and you can move it around as your cat finds new sleeping spots within your home.

This pet bed warmer increases your cat’s bed surface temperature by 10 to 15 degrees above the ambient air temperature, delivering soothing warmth without getting too hot. It’s thermostatically controlled, meaning it will automatically adjust to temperature changes, warming the bed only when your cat is in it, a valuable energy-saving perk. You can use it year-round indoors, and it plugs into a standard 120-volt outlet. It’s available in four sizes, making it easy to get the right fit for your cat bed.

Riogoo Pet Heating Pad

The Riogoo Pet Heating Pad can go just about anywhere in your house, adding warmth to your cat’s favorite sleeping spots. It’s a great option for cats who don’t reliably use traditional cat beds, and you can easily place it on the floor, couch, or a favorite chair to create a spot just for your cat.

This heating pad lets you choose how warm it gets. Temperatures range from 80 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, and time settings from one to 12 hours ensure you won’t waste electricity. A temperature sensor within the mat keeps it from overheating, and the mat features a seven-layer construction to protect your cat.

Buying a heated cat bed

Any of these cat beds make great choices for most cats. To ensure your cat gets the most out of his bed, carefully review the measurements of each bed to select the right size. Think about the types of beds your cat prefers most before buying a heated option. If your cat likes to snuggle down in a round bed with deep sides, look for a heated bed designed that way. The same is true if your cat likes to sprawl out on flatter beds.

No matter which style you choose, plan to give your cat some time to get used to it. Rubbing some catnip on the bed can help pique his interest. Once your cat discovers that the bed is warm, chances are he’ll settle in happily.

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