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The best pet scales of 2024

best pet scale
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Whether you have a playful pup, a curious cat, or any other special pet, monitoring their weight can be important for supporting their overall well-being. Luckily, you no longer need to visit the vet to verify your pet’s weight—pet scales are the ideal solution for keeping track of your furry friend’s health at home.

We’ve reviewed the best pet scales of 2024 and found that the Redmon digital scale supports a substantial amount of weight and offers clear readings on an LCD screen. Explore our list of options that cater to various pet sizes and health needs to find the right one for your companion.

The best pet scales

redmon pet scale

Redmon pet scale – best overall

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Introducing the Redmon precision digital pet scale—the ultimate tool for pet owners and breeders who prioritize their furry friend’s health and well-being. This slim, sleek, and user-friendly scale is not just for groomers and veterinarians, as it’s designed with the average consumer and breeder in mind. Featuring a non-skid rubber surface, this scale provides a secure and comfortable platform for your pet. No need to worry about slipping or sliding during weigh-ins.

The precision digital display ensures accurate weight readings, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re getting reliable information. Whether you have a small dog, a large cat, or any other pet, this scale is perfect for animals of all sizes. It’s a great solution for breeders who need to monitor their litter’s growth or for pet owners who want to keep their furry companions in optimal shape. It’s high weight support and thoughtful design earned this pet scale the top spot on our list.


  • Reads up to 225 pounds
  • Large enough for bigger breeds
  • Clear LCD screen


  • Not great for smaller pets
greater goods pet scale

Greater Goods pet scale – easiest to use

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The Greater Goods digital pet scale is an incredible tool to accurately weigh your furry friends, offering precise measurements every time. Designed with a wiggle-proof algorithm, it ensures that even the most energetic kittens, rabbits, or puppies can be weighed with ease. Whether you’re a pet owner, breeder, or veterinarian, this scale is a must-have for accurate weight monitoring.

This scale utilizes a highly accurate single sensor that can detect weights as small as 5 grams and up to 44 pounds. With this level of accuracy, you can track even the slightest fluctuations in your pet’s weight. Whether you have a dog or a cat, this pet scale will help you keep your fur baby in tip-top shape.


  • Accurate and consistent readings
  • User-friendly design
  • Sturdy and long-lasting scale


  • Assembly can be difficult
ibe supply pet scale

IBE Supply – most portable

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The IBE Supply digital pet scale is the ultimate pet scale solution for all your weighing needs. With its sleek contemporary design and reliable performance, it’s a must-have for pet owners. Featuring a capacity of 44lb/20kg and a resolution of 0.22lb/10g, this scale ensures accurate and precise measurements every time. The large LCD makes it easy to read the weight of your furry friend, whether it’s in kilograms, pounds, or ounces.

One of the standout features of this pet scale is its portability. Measuring 13.5 x 23.5 x 3.5 inches, it’s compact and lightweight, making it convenient to take with you wherever you go. Plus, it runs on 4 x AA batteries, so you don’t have to worry about finding a power source. Not only does this pet scale excel in functionality, but it also comes with a complimentary length measuring tape, allowing you to keep track of your pet’s growth.


  • Accurate and reliable readings
  • Includes blanket for comfort
  • Easy to move and store


  • Not intended for larger pets
mindpet pet scale

Mindpet-Med pet scale – most versatile

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The Mindpet-Med digital pet scale is a versatile and reliable option designed to ensure you can keep track of your pet’s weight with ease. With its maximum capacity of 220 pounds and a precision of up to ±0.02 pounds, it offers accurate and consistent readings.

This pet scale features three weighing modes, allowing you to choose between kilograms, ounces, and pounds, depending on your preference. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to switch between units and track your pet’s weight effortlessly. Keep track of their growth with this versatile and convenient multi-function digital scale.


  • Easy to use and accurate readings
  • Accurate readings
  • Comfortable for pets


  • Not ideal for larger animals
nice choose pet scale

Nice Choose pet scale – best for large pets

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This veterinary pet scale caters to the needs of pet owners, veterinarians, and farmers alike. It boasts a robust and durable construction, making it the ideal choice for weighing animals such as cats, dogs, cattle, and more. Equipped with a power adapter, this scale offers convenience and accuracy in measuring your beloved pets’ weight. Whether you’re a veterinarian needing precise measurements for medical purposes or a pet owner monitoring your furry friend’s health, this veterinary scale has got you covered.

The 1100-lb capacity ensures that you can weigh larger animals comfortably, providing accurate readings for a variety of pets and livestock. Its heavy-duty platform guarantees stability and durability, ensuring the scale can withstand regular use in professional environments. Choose this scale for your pet weighing needs and experience the convenience, accuracy, and peace of mind it provides.


  • Accurate and precise measurements
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Reliable and consistent solution


  • Some had difficulty calibrating the scale
best pet scale
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Buying guide: pet scales

A pet scale is an essential tool that can help monitor your pet’s health and well-being. They’re designed specifically to weigh pets of different sizes and breeds and come equipped with various features to ensure accurate measurements and user-friendly operation. Let’s dive into each feature to understand its significance and how it can enhance your weighing experience.

Features to consider when selecting a pet scale

Accuracy and precision

One of the most crucial factors when choosing a pet scale is its accuracy and precision. Look for scales that offer high-precision sensors, ensuring precise measurements to the decimal point.

Weight capacity

Consider the weight capacity of the pet scale to ensure it can accommodate your pet’s size. Different scales have varying weight capacities, so choose one that can handle your pet’s weight comfortably.

Measurement units

Check if the pet scale offers multiple measurement units such as kilograms, pounds, and ounces. Having the option to switch between units makes it convenient for international users or those who prefer specific units.

Display readability

A clear and easy-to-read display is essential for hassle-free usage. Look for a scale with a large, bright, and clear digital display.

Tare function

The tare function allows you to measure only your pet’s weight, excluding any additional items like blankets or bowls. This feature ensures accurate weight measurements for your pet alone.

Easy-to-clean surface

Pets can be messy, so it’s important to choose a pet scale with an easy-to-clean surface. Opt for scales with smooth surfaces or removable trays that you can wipe down or wash.

Durability and sturdiness

Pet scales should withstand the weight and movement of pets. Look for scales made of durable materials that can handle regular use without losing accuracy or stability.

Non-slip surface or mat

To prevent accidents or injuries, choose a pet scale with a non-slip surface or mat. This feature ensures your pet stays safe and secure during weighing sessions.

Quick and stable measurements

A pet scale should provide quick and stable measurements, eliminating fluctuations or delays. Look for scales that stabilize weight readings swiftly, making the process efficient and stress-free. You’ll also want to look for pet scales with stability indicators that show when the weight measurement is stable and ready to be recorded.

Battery life and power source

Consider the battery life of the pet scale and the power source it requires. Opt for scales with long-lasting batteries or rechargeable options to ensure uninterrupted usage.

Auto-off function

An auto-off function helps conserve battery life by automatically turning off the scale when it’s not in use. This feature saves energy and ensures the scale is always ready for weighing.

Portability and compactness

If you plan to travel with your pet scale or move it around the house, consider its portability and compactness. Choose scales that are lightweight and easy to carry without compromising on functionality.

Ease of use and intuitive controls

Select a pet scale with simple and intuitive controls that make weighing your pet a breeze. User-friendly features like single-button operation or touch-sensitive controls enhance the overall experience.

Multiple weighing modes

Some pet scales offer multiple weighing modes, such as continuous weighing, hold function, or peak weight tracking. These features provide flexibility and convenience for different scenarios.

Memory and data recall

A memory or recall function allows you to track your pet’s weight over time. Consider scales that can store previous measurements, enabling you to monitor your pet’s weight progress. Some pet scales offer data transfer options such as Bluetooth or USB connectivity. These features allow you to store and analyze your pet’s weight data on your computer or smartphone.

Weight locking function

A weight-locking function can be beneficial when weighing restless or uncooperative pets. This feature locks the weight reading, allowing you to record it without the pet being on the scale.

Price and value for money

Consider the price of the pet scale and assess its value for money based on the features it offers. Choose a scale that fits your budget while meeting your specific needs.

Common questions about pet scales

Can I use a regular scale to weigh my pet?

Regular scales may not be accurate or practical for weighing pets, as they may be too small or move around. A pet scale is designed specifically for this purpose.

Can I use a pet scale for all types of pets?

Pet scales are primarily designed for dogs and cats, but they can also be used for smaller pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and reptiles.

How often should I weigh my pet?

The frequency of weighing your pet depends on their specific needs. Some pets may require regular monitoring, while others may only need occasional check-ups.

What if my pet is scared of the pet scale?

If your pet is scared or anxious about the scale, try to introduce it gradually. Offer treats or positive reinforcement to create a positive association. If necessary, seek guidance from a professional trainer or veterinarian.

Can I use a pet scale for newborn or very small pets?

Pet scales with a low weight capacity can be used for weighing newborn or small pets. Ensure that the scale is accurate for such low weights and take extra care when placing them on the scale.

Is it possible to track my pet’s weight over time?

Some pet scales offer features like memory storage or connectivity to mobile apps, allowing you to track your pet’s weight over time. Check the product specifications to see if this feature is available.

How accurate are pet scales?

Pet scales can vary in accuracy, but most good-quality scales provide reliable weight measurements. It is essential to choose a reputable brand and follow the instructions for accurate readings.

What are the different types of pet scales available?

There are various types of pet scales available, including digital scales, analog scales, portable scales, and smart scales with additional features like body fat analysis. Choose one that suits your needs and preferences.

Do pet scales require batteries?

Most pet scales operate on batteries. Check the product specifications to determine the battery type and ensure you have replacements on hand.

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