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5 best cat Halloween costumes you can get

Dressing up for Halloween is always fun, but it’s more fun when your cat gets to dress up, too. That means you need to find the perfect cat Halloween costume for your fur baby. You’ll see plenty of costumes to choose from, but it’s important to get one that’s not only cute, but that’s also safe and easy to get on and off. Your cat might not be wild about dressing up, so be sure to consider his behaviors and preferences when deciding which costume is right for him. We’ve highlighted five great Halloween costumes for cats to help narrow down your choices as you shop.

Cat Bat Wings Costume

This costume may be simple, but that’s what makes it such a great choice for your cat — especially if you have a black cat. These felt wings are lightweight and let your cat move around without being restrained. They’re adjustable, and one size fits most cats. Velcro closures secure the wings on, so you can quickly put them on and remove them as needed.


  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable for your cat.
  • Convenient Velcro closures.


  • Available in only one size.
  • Wings are a little basic (consider adding some glitter).

Frisco Bread Cat Costume

With this costume, your cat can attend Halloween as the in-bread cat meme! It’s a realistic-looking costume and features hook-and-loop fasteners for easy on and off. One size fits most cats, and the soft design helps your cat stay comfy. You’ll use this costume not only at Halloween but also year-round for fun photo shoots.


  • Soft, comfy design.
  • Easy on and off.


  • Available in only one size.

RYPET Cat Halloween Costume

With this fun cat costume, you’ll get both a collar and a hat, both made of quality polyester. The collar features six jingle bells for a festive sound that’s sure to make your cat the life of the party. The collar and hat are both adjustable.


  • Adjustable collar and hat.
  • Six jingle bells on the collar.


  • One size only.
  • Jingle bells might take some getting used to.

Pet Krewe Lion Mane Costume

With this fun costume, you can let your cat’s inner lion roar. Perfect for the king of the jungle, this costume will look fantastic on an orange or tabby cat. A hook-and-loop closure allows for a semi-customized fit. This mane can be easily hand-washed for cleaning as needed.


  • Washable.
  • Highly realistic.


  • Only some sizing adjustment possible.

Frisco Front Walking Teddy Bear Costume

This cute and cuddly costume will make it look like your cat is a walking teddy bear when viewed from the front. The costume is made with a soft plush, so it’s easy and comfy to wear. The separate headpiece includes earholes to keep your cat comfortable. It’s available in six sizes, so you can get the perfect fit.


  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Headpiece has earholes for comfort.


  • Might be a little overwhelming for more timid cats.
  • Your cat needs to step into the sleeves.

These Halloween costumes for cats are plenty cute and fun, but they’re also designed with your cat’s safety in mind. They feature soft materials and designs that keep your cat comfortable, increasing the chance that he’ll be willing to wear the costume. When choosing a costume, be sure to consider how easy it is to put on and how quickly you can remove it in case your cat decides he doesn’t feel like dressing up. Velcro closures are quick and easy to undo, and they can help keep your cat safe. When introducing a costume, always put it onto your cat gradually and give him time to get used to wearing it. By Halloween, hopefully, he’s comfortable in his outfit.

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