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Chewy has major sales on cat trees for your favorite feline friend

Chewy is making sure our fur babies have a very merry holiday this year. During the Early Cyber Savings Sale, there are savings of up to 25% on cat trees sure to keep your feline entertained for hours.

Keeping our cats healthy and happy is of upmost importance, and cat trees are a perfect way to blend exercise and fun. Cat trees come in many shapes and sizes with multiple levels to climb. They also have add-ons like scratching posts, hiding spots, perches, and hanging toys, so your kitty is never bored. Plus, when they do tire, cat trees are lined in soft material which makes mid-play napping a breeze.

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If scratching is what your cat is after, you can start as simply as this Frisco Cactus Cat Scratching Post. It’s both adorable and functional, and is “designed to stand up to the power of playtime,” with a baseboard that, “allows your cactus kitty to stretch, paw, scratch, and climb all day with total support.”

If you’re looking for something with more bells and whistles, Chewy is offering 25% off on a number of Faux Fur Cat Tree and Condos available in different sizes. They include condos, top perches with removable, machine-washable bolstered perch covers, sisal wrapped scratching posts, and built-in toys so your furry friend has plenty to explore.

If you’ve got a lot of room to accommodate your cat, check out this Frisco 65-in XXL Heavy Duty Cat Tree. This small apartment boasts a spacious condo, roomy landing spaces, and extra large perch bed at the top, and even a hanging hammock that’s sure to spoil even the most finicky of cats.

If you have multiple cats who need their own space, this Frisco 88 to 106-in 3 Level Floor to Ceiling Heavy Duty Cat Tower gives each cat their own level away from each other, so they can nap peacefully with both eyes closed. This unit is especially handy if you have a dog who doesn’t understand personal space and a cat who needs some alone time.

If you have a kitten that’s afraid of heights or is of the age where climbing is too much, the Frisco Single Cube Stackable and Collapsible Cat Condo is also on sale. It’s a perfect option for those who want to keep all four paws on the ground, and it folds up if you’re on-the-go. If you have two cats with similar preferences, there’s a double cube option as well on sale now.

If you have older cats who prefer sleep over play, the sale also includes this Frisco 65-in Real Carpet Wooden Cat Tree. This four-platform cat tree has solid wood perches and is wrapped “in your cat’s favorite material—real, household-grade carpet.” It also has a sisal scratching post so your felines can get their scratch on without ruining your new couch. It’s a win-win.

Finally, for the ultimate cat tree experience for the prince or princess in your life, the Frisco 66-in Real Carpet Wooden Cat Tree & Condo is here to make a bang this holiday season. It comes with two large hammock-shaped perches, sisal rope scratching posts, and lest we not forget the cat house condo at the very top. This tree screams, “This is my cat’s house, I just live here.”

Don’t delay — the sale only goes until November 24.

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