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We just can’t stop playing the Bongo Cat game

If you’re looking for entertainment, want to kill a little time, or hope to find a fun cat game you can share with your kids, then you need to check out the Bongo Cat game. This highly musical cat is ready to play any song that you create, so you can try to replicate your favorite tune or compose an original to change things up. While this cat has mastered a whole bunch of percussion instruments, he started out without any instruments at all. Bongo Cat’s journey began with a simple GIF. It’s only thanks to the power of social media and some highly creative individuals that he’s here to share his musicality with us today.

The beginnings of the Bongo Cat game

When Bongo Cat originated in September 2018, this cute cat was just a meme. Twitter user @StrayRogue created the GIF. The cartoon cat was pictured patting his paws on the table.

smack smack

— GWcommittmentrogue (@StrayRogue) May 6, 2018

From there, the collaborative nature of social media and the internet worked its magic. Other Twitter users started adding elements to Bongo Cat, starting with @DitzyFlama, who gave the cat a set of bongos to play.

Bongo Cat has been pictured playing many different instruments, including the electric guitar, the xylophone, and the saxophone. Some creative Twitter users even depicted Bongo Cat playing famous songs, like Toto’s “Africa.”

Bongo Cat also went modern with his take on The Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down,” complete with meow singing.

But the Bongo Cat magic doesn’t end there. There’s a whole YouTube channel dedicated to this musical kitty, complete with Bongo Cat remixes of Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy,” Tones and I’s “Dance Monkey,” Alan Walker’s “Faded,” the Avengers theme, and more. You can even buy official Bongo Cat merchandise including T-shirts and bags.

What Bongo Cat can teach us about the internet

Bongo Cat quickly became an internet phenomenon, but it can teach us a lot about the power of social media and how appealing a GIF — no matter how simple — can be. Bongo Cat may have started as a modest drawing, but it’s become so much more.

And that’s all thanks to people who found a cute cat GIF intriguing. It’s no secret that cat memes and GIFs have long ruled the internet, and Bongo Cat just takes things up a level. His evolution from a basic cat GIF to a musical cat to a highly recognizable cartoon is all due to people who hopped in and contributed their own creativity to his evolution. That collaboration is an important reminder of how a simple idea can connect people as it evolves into something much, much greater than its creator ever imagined.

The next step in that evolution? An online game.

How to play Bongo Cat

Now, Bongo Cat is here in all his glory, and he’s ready to make music thanks to the Bongo Cat game created by game and web developer Eric Huber. Making music with this cute kitty is super easy with your keyboard, and this game is surprisingly entertaining and addictive.

The multitalented Bongo Cat is ready to play the bongos, cymbal, cowbell, tambourine, piano, or marimba. He’ll also give out a cute meow that will turn your real cat’s head if you play it when she’s in the same room.

To start the music, you’ll use the key at the top of the page to pick your instrument by pressing the corresponding keys on your keyboard:

  • Bongos: A and D
  • Cymbal: C
  • Cowbell: F
  • Tambourine: B
  • Meow: Space bar
  • Piano: 1 through 0
  • Marimba: Q through P

The line of numbers from 1 through 0 plays a scale on the piano. You can play one note at a time to pick out your favorite tune or get ambitious and try playing chords. The line of keys from Q through P will also play a scale on the marimba.

If you’re quick with the keys, then Bongo Cat will be a one-cat band. Who knows, maybe you’ll come up with the next great Bongo Cat song while playing this game?

The Bongo Cat game may be simple, but it’s the result of the unity that social media can create between people. This cat started off as a no-frills GIF, and thanks to creative people contributing their own ideas, this little kitty has become something of an icon. From Bongo Cat memes to merchandise to the finished game, this cat has taken a long journey and brought a lot of people along for the ride. This fun cat-themed game is perfect for playing at your desk when you need to de-stress, sharing it with your cat-loving kids, and even for putting your creativity and musical side to use when you’re bored and looking to kill some time. So, go on, get inspired, and teach Bongo Cat some new tunes.

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