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Cats can’t stop watching Stray, but this dog is less enthused

We could watch cats and dogs reacting to this cat video game all day

Stray the video game came out this week, and you’ve probably seen some videos on social media about the adventure game that lets you explore a subterranean, cyberpunk world as a ginger cat. Specifically, you’ve probably seen some videos of real-life cats reacting to the game (and its realistic meows). One thing is for sure: Cats are definitely entertained by this cat video game.

Dogs, on the other hand? They’re not as happy.

Take this miniature dachshund, for example, who is originally intrigued by the action on the TV — until the player stops exploring the game and maneuvers the cat to seemingly creep up on the dog, inching closer and closer with every step. Sure, the cat can’t actually jump out of the TV and attack, but the poor dog doesn’t realize that and runs away with a bark.

Mibossi, the Redditor who posted the video, noted that they were eventually able to play the game — but it took time. “I managed to be able to play an hour today (yesterday it was impossible since he was inconsolable),” they said. “Now he’s more used to seeing a cat on TV, but as long as the cat is moving away. If I move the cat toward him, he goes off growling or barking.”

And mibossi’s pup isn’t alone.

Redditor Vinylcrackhead noted, “I can’t play games with animals since we got our dog… He’s lovely but zero conception that they aren’t there. I suppose it must be the dog equivalent of seeing a ghost.”

User Saucey_Lips reported they didn’t even have to play the Stray video game to scare their dog. “My dog was wigging out when the ad playing on YouTube,” they said.

Swimming_Wishbone854 confirmed, “I showed this to my dog; she too had concerns.”

What cats think about Stray

Cats on the other hand? They’re totally intrigued by the Stray video game, as several videos on the internet can confirm.

Redditor Dark_Mushies reported that their cat really thinks the game’s sounds are real: “My kitty is very confused by the meow sound that comes from the PS5 controller. She keeps staring at the controller like ‘Where is the tiny cat stored in this plastic device?’”

There’s even a whole Twitter account dedicated to cats watching — and loving — Stray.

Some cats are quietly transfixed.


— Stray Bullets (@jordankelleyH) July 21, 2022

Others will do anything to get in on the action.

She got a little bit too into it… @CatsWatchStray

— Lon (@LonWantsCake) July 22, 2022

And others are ready to let life imitate art (uh, until they realize their new friends aren’t around).


— Tim (@Tim19880527) July 21, 2022

And, in case you were wondering, there were some dogs who didn’t seem as perturbed by the gameplay.

Ozzy like

— Justin J (@jutty1time) July 21, 2022

The Stray video game is now available for PlayStation and PC, and if you’re looking for something to entertain your cat (and yourself), it’ll definitely do the trick. Your dog, on the other hand? They might not like it as much.

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