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5 engaging YouTube channels to entertain your lonely cat

Here are five awesome video channels for cats featuring everything from wildlife to a laser pointer

What can cats watch at home alone? If you’re looking for some ideas, then start with these five YouTube channels that offer all sorts of great videos for cats. Chances are, your cat will enjoy nature-themed videos, especially those that feature lively animals like birds, mice, and fish.

When you leave home for work, to run errands, or to spend a day out with friends, do you worry that your cat is bored or lonely without you? Cats who are used to having their humans around for most of the day might miss you, but you’ve got plenty of ways to keep your cat entertained when you’re not around. You can leave some soft music playing or turn on the TV or computer and play some videos that will capture your cat’s attention and keep him occupied. The great news is that you can find hours and hours of videos for cats for free on YouTube.

Birder King

cat tv for cats to watch - Beautiful Birds and Squirrels in Canadian Forest.

The Birder King YouTube channel offers more than 25 bird- and nature-related videos that make for purr-fect cat TV. Birds, squirrels, and chipmunks are showcased in high detail and beautiful clarity, so both you and your cat are sure to enjoy these videos. Many of them are even identified as being ideal videos for cats. Lengths range from two to more than eight hours, so you can leave the videos on while you’re at work or out of the house for the day.

Relax My Cat – Relaxing Music for Cats

⭐ Calming TV for Cats: Exotic Garden Birds - 2021 Cat TV

If you have a cat who gets anxious or restless when you’re away, the Relax My Cat YouTube channel might be the ideal solution. This channel has a wide array of video playlists designed to help soothe and relax your cat with quiet music and images of nature. It also offers a selection of more stimulating videos, including outdoor elements, birds, and garden animals, that will hold your cat’s interest. Video lengths range from just 10 minutes all the way up to 12 hours, so you can choose the video you need based on your plans and the type of atmosphere you want to create for your kitty.

Paul Dinning

Videos for Cats to Watch ~ Birds and Daffodils Delight 🌼 8 HOURS 🌼

The Paul Dinning channel offers a wide assortment of beautiful wildlife videos. Many of these videos feature birds and mice and are made just for cats, but there’s also a selection of virtual dog walks that showcase some stunning scenery. Video lengths range from 20 minutes to eight or more hours, so you can use them for multiple situations, whether you enjoy them with your cat at home or to keep your cat occupied while you’re away.

Cat Entertainment

Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels!

The Cat Entertainment channel is a fabulous option for cat TV and cat games. The videos for cats are sorted by subject, and you can choose from birds, fish, rabbits, and other wildlife that are sure to grab your cat’s attention. You can also pick from many different animated cat games that are ideal for use on an iPad or tablet. Enticing animals like fish and mice and even a laser pointer game are sure to get your cat engaged and frisky.

Cat Games

CAT GAMES - Night Fishing (Videos for cats to watch) 1 hour

If your cat is feeling playful, a video from the Cat Games channel should do the trick. This channel offers all sorts of fun animated cat games, from night fishing to sunset birds to attack of the dragonflies. The channel also offers plenty of videos detailing fun DIY items you can make for your cat. You also can choose from plenty of videos for cats, including meerkats, carp, and woodpeckers. The channel even has a few virtual walks, so your indoor cat can experience the great outdoors safely.

If you’re looking for the best video for cats, you’ll have plenty of fun options to keep your cat entertained, engaged, or even relaxed with these YouTube channels. These videos are ideal for when you’re not at home, and you can go to work or run your errands knowing your cat will be entertained in your absence. There also are plenty of game videos that your cat can interact with on a tablet, but these are best reserved for times when you’re available to supervise your cat. Before playing a video and leaving the house, make sure that your TV or monitor is safely positioned and secured just in case your cat decides to try to pounce on those birds, mice, or other wildlife he sees on screen!

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