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10 dog accessories you and your dog will love

One of the best parts of having a dog is being able to include them in your adventures. And whether those adventures encompass fierce tug-of-war games in the living room or an epic hike on your favorite trail, the right accessory can make those special moments even more enjoyable.

Although there has always been an ample supply of dog collars and leashes, today’s dog owner can choose from a variety of specialty accessories designed to make caring for your dog easier and more fun. Here are 10 of our favorites.

On-the-go gear

Chances are, you grab a water bottle whenever you head out the door. Now your pup can have one, too, with this versatile, all-in-one water bottle, filter, and drinking bowl by PETKIT. The lightweight bottle is leakproof and can attach to a belt or fit easily inside a backpack. We like it because the container holds just the right amount of water for a hike or travel adventure, and the excess water in the bowl can be either discarded or released back into the container for the next water break.

Wherever you go, whether it’s for a walk around the neighborhood or a trek on a rocky mountain pass, you can rest assured your pup’s paws are protected from the elements with these dog shoes by QUMY. Anti-slip soles provide stability and traction as well as protection from thorns or hot pavement. The adjustable straps have a reflector strip to make your dog visible at night.

And since jumping up and down can be tough on the joints, consider purchasing a pet ramp like this one from Pet Gear. This foldable ramp is lightweight, so your dog can easily get in and out of your vehicle when he accompanies you on hikes or safely onto the couch after playtime at home.

But before you go anywhere, make sure you have the right tools on hand to manage an emergency. We like this 75-piece pet first-aid kit by M.I. Pets because it includes a collapsible water bowl and lifetime warranty and folds up neatly to store away in a car console or backpack.

Grooming made easy

At some point, your adventurous pup is going to need a bath. Keep him still during grooming sessions with this silicone lick mat by Aquapaw. Simply spread his favorite treat on the surface and suction the mat to the wall at tail-wagging height. And with these gentle deshedding mitts from DELOMO, your dog will think he’s getting a massage every time you brush him.

Once he’s relaxed, use the opportunity to trim his nails with this cordless nail grinder by Shernbao. Unlike traditional clippers, which can cut too close to the quick, this grinder gently and quietly (below 46 decibels) sands long and chipped nails. Afterward, he’ll think he’s getting a treat when he chews on this tough dental chew toy by Arm & Hammer. Little does he know the baking soda–infused plastic is freshening his breath while it reduces tartar and plaque buildup.

When it’s time to settle down

Even the most active dogs can have a little anxiety occasionally. If your dog jumps at the sound of thunder or fireworks, he might feel more secure wearing this anxiety jacket by ThunderShirt. The wrap exerts gentle pressure, which is a drug-free way to ease anxiety.

And even if your dog doesn’t have anxieties, this calming dog bed by FORCHEER is a comfortable place for him to curl up and get warm. The round design provides a raised rim for him to lay his head on, and the cover is washable.

From the time you get up in the morning until it’s time to end the day, chances are your dog is by your side at every opportunity. Beyond the food and shelter he looks to you for, investing in a few accessories like the 10 cool gets we profile here can enrich the bond between you.

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