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The Best Dog Ear Cleaners of 2024

Groomer with a dog using dog cleaner
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In the world of our canine companions, ear health is more than just routine grooming; it’s essential for their overall happiness and communication. Recognizing the importance of maintaining clean, healthy ears, we’ve curated a selection of standout ear cleaners tailored to meet the needs of every pooch, from water-loving retrievers to those with delicate skin. Leading our list is the Petlab Co. Ear Cleaner for Dogs, an alcohol-free solution designed to support ear health comprehensively, including managing yeast and itchy ears. We encourage you to browse through the additional options below, ensuring your dog’s ears remain in tip-top shape.

pet lab co dog ear cleaner

Petlab Co. Clear Ears Dog Ear Cleaner

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Petlab Co. Clear Ears Dog Ear Cleaner helps with pesky problems like itchy ears and yeast infections that can turn our pups’ playtime into discomfort. This dog ear cleaner is alcohol-free, taking care of sensitive ear canals without causing any sting. It’s gentle for regular use and not over-drying.

The carefully selected ingredients not only ensure a gentle touch but also pack a punch against wax build-up, trapped moisture, and yeast, fostering an environment of good ear hygiene. The company boasts it’s made in the USA from high-quality ingredients. The alcohol-free formula, easy application, and gentle ingredients make this our best overall.


  • Alcohol-free
  • Made in USA
  • Easy-application bottle


  • May require multiple uses
vetpro dog ear cleaner

VetPro Complete Gentle Ear Cleaner for Dogs & Cats

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The VetPro Complete Dog Ear Cleaner is a gentle wash that comes in an 8-ounce bottle packed with the soothing power of aloe and vitamin E. Designed by a seasoned veterinarian with over three decades of expertise, this cleaner combines the power of science with the gentleness of nature. The unique, veterinary-formulated solution not only cleans your pet’s ears with unmatched gentleness but also tackles stubborn dirt effortlessly, thanks to its soothing blend of vitamin E and aloe vera.

Safe for regular use, this alcohol-free solution ensures a comfortable ear-cleaning session. It’s easy to use, just administer a few drops and it will immediately start working. Plus, it effectively neutralizes unpleasant odors.


  • Relieves discomfort
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odors
  • Infused with aloe vera


  • Scent may be too strong for some
tropiclean dog ear cleaner

TropiClean Cocoa Butter Ear Wash

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The TropiClean Cocoa Butter Ear Wash is a gentle and effective solution, ensuring a delicate clean that leaves behind a delightful cocoa butter aroma. The alcohol-free solution features feel-good ingredients like the mentioned cocoa butter, as well as oats chosen to moisturize dry skin and relieve itchiness.

This dog ear cleaner is easy to use, simply fill the ear canal and massage softly, following up with a cotton ball to wipe away any excess. Veterinarian-recommended and perfect for pets 12 weeks and older, this no-sting pet ear cleaner upholds otic hygiene with the gentlest touch.


  • asy to apply
  • Cocoa butter scent
  • Natural, soothing ingredients


  • May not prevent infections
pro pooch dog ear cleaner

Pro Pooch Natural Ear Cleaner for Pets

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Pro Pooch Dog Ear Cleaner Solution tackles the gunk in your pup’s ears without causing any discomfort. The solution is gentle yet effective, making it perfect for regular use. It has plant-based, non-toxic ingredients like purified water and citrus peel extracts, ensuring the utmost safety for your furry friends. What’s more, it’s suitable for both dogs and cats, which is ideal for multi-pet households.

This dog ear cleaner is particularly adept at dislodging stubborn wax and dirt that can lead to infection and unpleasant odor. It is quick and efficient, making it an effective way to maintain your pet’s ear health, with noticeable results after just a few uses.


  • Non-irritating cleaner
  • Dislodges wax easily
  • Effective and gentle


  • No instructions on bottle
virbac dog ear cleaner

Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleanser for Pets

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The Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleanser is designed specifically for dogs (and cats!) with sensitive or irritated ears. Its dual action is both an antiseptic cleanser and a dryer, which means it cleans out the gunk and helps keep the ears dry to prevent infections. It effectively reduces debris and excess wax, purifying the ear canal and leaving it immaculately clean.

Its neutral pH formula, infused with patented anti-odor technology, ensures that your pet’s ears stay fresh and clean. The non-irritating solution is great for pets with sensitive skin and is perfectly safe to use alongside other ear preparations. Regular use of this product will help keep your pet’s ears in top condition.


  • Non-irritating solution
  • Patented anti-odor formula
  • Dual-action cleanser and dryer


  • Odd medicinal smell
Groomer with a dog using dog cleaner
M_a_y_a / Getty

Choosing the Perfect Dog Ear Cleaner

When it comes to taking care of your furry best friend, maintaining a regular ear-cleaning routine is crucial. A dog’s ear is a hotspot for bacteria and yeast, which can lead to infections and discomfort if not properly managed. Finding the best dog ear cleaner can be the difference between a happy, healthy pup and an uncomfortable, anxious one. Let’s dive into the essentials of picking the right product to keep those canine ears clean and clear.


The ingredients list is the heart of any dog ear cleaner. You want to look for natural, non-irritating components that effectively cleanse without causing harm. Ingredients such as witch hazel, aloe vera, and eucalyptus are known for their gentle yet powerful cleaning abilities. Avoid cleaners with alcohol, which can sting and cause irritation, especially if your dog’s ears are already inflamed. Also, be wary of any artificial fragrances or dyes, as these can lead to allergic reactions.


Dog ear cleaners come in various forms – wipes, solutions, and gels. Solutions are the most common and are great for a thorough cleaning. They can penetrate deep into the canal to break down wax and debris. Wipes are convenient for quick clean-ups and can be less intimidating for your pup, but they might not be as effective for a deep clean or when dealing with an infection. Gels have a stay-put formula that can be beneficial for treating infections but might be messier to apply.

Antiseptic Properties

Your dog’s ear cleaner should have antiseptic qualities to ensure it’s not only cleaning but also protecting against bacterial and yeast infections. Ingredients like hydrocortisone can provide relief from itching and inflammation, but it’s important to consult your vet before using medicated cleaners, especially if your dog has a severe condition. A good balance of mildness and antiseptic power is key to keeping those ears healthy.

Ease of Use

If the ear cleaner is difficult to apply, chances are you and your dog will dread cleaning time. Choose a product with a user-friendly application. For example, a bottle with a nozzle tip can make it easier to dispense the solution into the ear canal. Please pay attention to how your dog reacts to the application; if they seem in distress, you might need to look for a gentler formula or a different application method.


You want a dog ear cleaner that works efficiently without having to use it excessively. Read reviews and look for products that have a history of success. A cleaner that requires fewer applications but still does the job is a win-win – it’s less stressful for your dog and more cost-effective for you. Remember that sometimes, effectiveness can vary depending on the dog’s breed, size, and ear shape, so what works for one may not work for another.


Safety should never be compromised when it comes to your dog’s health. Ensure the ear cleaner is vet-approved and suitable for your pet’s specific needs, including age and health conditions. If your dog has sensitive skin or is prone to allergies, hypoallergenic options are available that minimize the risk of adverse reactions. A product that’s safe not just for occasional use but also for your pet’s long-term health is a pivotal aspect of your selection criteria.


While price shouldn’t be the only determinant in choosing an ear cleaner, it’s certainly part of the equation. More expensive doesn’t always mean better, and there are many high-quality, budget-friendly options available. Consider the cost per use – a larger bottle may offer better value in the long run, even if it’s more expensive upfront. Additionally, a product that’s effective and pleasant for your dog may save you money on vet visits in the long run.


In conclusion, choosing the right ear cleaner for your pup depends on various factors, such as those listed above. By considering everything we highlighted in this buying guide, you can find what fits your dog’s needs best.

Common Questions About Dog Ear Cleaner

What is dog ear cleaner?

Dog ear cleaner is a specially formulated solution used to clean the ears of dogs. It helps to remove wax and debris and prevent the growth of bacteria and yeast that can lead to infections.

How do I use dog ear cleaner?

To use dog ear cleaner, gently apply the solution to your dog’s ear canal, massage the base of the ear to help break up any debris, and then allow your dog to shake its head to remove the excess solution. Finally, wipe away any remaining cleaner and loosened debris with a soft cloth or cotton ball.

How often should I clean my dog’s ears?

The frequency of ear cleaning can vary depending on your dog’s breed, activity level, and ear wax production. Typically, experts recommend once a week to once a month, but you should consult your veterinarian for a schedule appropriate for your dog.

Are dog ear cleaners safe for all dogs?

Most ear cleaners are safe for all dogs, but it’s important to read the label and consult with your vet, especially if your dog has a history of ear problems or is prone to ear infections.

Are there any signs that indicate my dog might need its ears cleaned?

Yes, if you notice your dog scratching its ears frequently, shaking its head, redness or swelling in the ear area, a strong odor, or discharge, these could be signs that your dog’s ears need cleaning or that there might be an infection.

What should I do if my dog reacts negatively to ear cleaning?

If your dog is resistant or seems to be in pain during the ear-cleaning process, stop immediately and consult your veterinarian. Your dog may have an ear infection or another condition that requires medical attention.

What are the risks of not cleaning my dog’s ears?

Failing to maintain clean ears can lead to infections, discomfort, hearing loss, and more serious health issues. Regular cleaning helps prevent these problems before they start.

Is it possible to over-clean my dog’s ears?

Yes, over-cleaning can irritate the ear canal, leading to inflammation and increasing the chances of infections. Stick to the cleaning frequency recommended by your veterinarian.

Can I use human ear cleaner to clean my dog’s ears?

No, you should not use human ear cleaners on your dog. Dog ear cleaners are pH-balanced specifically for dog ears.

How should I store dog ear cleaner?

Keep the ear cleaner in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children and pets. Tightly seal to maintain the effectiveness of the solution.

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