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Everything we recommend from Kong under $12 for your puppy

Oh, the joys of a new puppy — the sweet snuggles, the puppy breath, the teething. Yeah, that part isn’t so fun. If you don’t know what to get a new puppy, she just might end up taking out her pain on your shoes.

Thankfully, teething puppies don’t have to destroy everything in sight. True, growing in a new set of chompers is often uncomfortable and rather frustrating for a new pup, but Kong is here to the rescue. This brand carries some of the best puppy gear, whether it’s time to chew or time to play — so check ’em out! Here are a few of our favorites:

Kong Puppy Tires Assorted Toy

  • Available in two sizes
  • Good for chewing and games of fetch
  • Can be stuffed with treats

Now, playtime can be treat time, too! With many Kong toys, including this adorable tire, there’s space for you to tuck a few treats inside to keep your dog interested. The tread of these tires is made of durable yet bouncy rubber, so don’t be surprised if you see one bouncing around during playtime… and your pup bouncing around with it!

Kong’s Puppy Tires are made from a teething-friendly rubber material to both satisfy and challenge your pup. He won’t even notice he’s taking care of his teeth while he’s so enamored with the treat inside — score!

Kong Puppy Teething Stick Dog Toy

  • Good for dogs up to 9 months of age
  • Designed to clean teeth and soothe gums
  • Can be filled with treats

With this canine classic, there are so many ways to play. Your puppy will go to town chewing on the textured rubber stick, and you can rest easy knowing they’re helping their teething just by playing.

This Kong has several nooks and crannies to fill with your puppy’s favorite treat — even Kong’s Puppy Easy Treat, a squeezable snack to make filling these toys that much easier. Even the center of the toy can be filled with yumminess for an extra-delicious playtime.

Kong Stuffable Puppy Ball Dog Toy

  • Designed to prevent punctures
  • Good for a game of fetch
  • Available in two sizes

Kong’s take on this toy we all know and love will keep your pup playing the day away, especially if you fill the center with something your puppy craves. The natural rubber will encourage chewing and gum stimulation, though your dog might be more interested in reaching the treat inside.

It comes in medium/large and small to accommodate pups of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re playing catch or letting your pup have some time to relax (and chew), this is the toy for you.

Kong Puppy Flyer Assorted Toy

  • Good for puppies up to 9 months of age
  • Made from softer rubber to soothe teeth and gums
  • Sized to teach puppies how to play fetch

This disc toy is perfect for athletic pups who are just starting to learn how to fetch. It’s made from Kong puppy rubber, which makes it much softer than its classic counterpart. It’ll be perfectly stimulating for your dog’s teeth and gums without causing any soreness.

Keep in mind that this toy is meant for fetch and won’t withstand as much as a Kong chew or tug toy can, so keep an eye on your pup!

Kong Plush Duck Dog Toy

  • Removable squeaker
  • Comes with a spare squeaker
  • Plush exterior is great for cuddling

Meet  Dr. Noyz Duck, your puppy’s new best friend (other than you, of course). He comes with his own removable squeaker, so your fur baby can play and cuddle with her plushie all night long — or whenever you want some peace and quiet. Don’t fret about losing the squeaker, either; it comes with a spare!

Because it’s made with less stuffing and more high-quality material, even the most destructive pups won’t make too much of a mess if they rip into it. It happens!

Your puppy will be all set to tackle teething like a champ with these toys (aka distractions) by Kong. From chew toys to fetch and everything in between, this beloved brand makes products that even toy-shredding pups will have a ball exploring. (Pun absolutely intended!)

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