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Dog Crocs are going viral (again), so here’s what to know before making your next adorable purchase

Crocs for dogs are already a thing: Here's what to know

Oh, Crocs — what a conversation starter they are! Their unusual style has remained surprisingly popular for many years, despite vocal opposition from fashionistas and everyday folks alike. We may never understand it. Whether you love them or hate them, though, there’s no denying that these rubber shoes for dogs would look adorable on your pup. Just ask all the comfortable canines going viral in these shoes!

Believe it or not, home brand GEHARTY has been one step ahead of the trend, manufacturing Crocs for dogs in a variety of bright colors. By now you may have seen these cute shoes making their way around the Internet (thanks, TikTok), but there’s so much more to know about this quirky canine trend. Consider this Dog Crocs 101.

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Yorkshire terrier wearing shoes for the snow

Crocs for dogs — controversial, comfortable, but trendy AF

As questionable of a fashion choice as Crocs are, they aren’t the only shoe up for debate here. There are many mixed reviews about shoes for dogs, whether they’re sandals, snowshoes, or any other kind. Some dogs really don’t like having their paws confined, yet others enjoy having a protective layer between their paw pads and any hot, cold, or rough surfaces.

So if you add up the controversy of Crocs with the strong opinions surrounding dog shoes, you get one of the most debatable pet sandals of all time… right? Surprisingly, these glorious shoes instead evolved into one of the most popular pet trends, popping up on TikTok, Instagram, and even YouTube in recent months.

With so many furry, four-legged models, it’s no wonder why these doggy shoes have become so popular. A quick online search will show you the endless ways pups and owners are making these shoes all their own — Crocs charms, accessorizing outfits, and even matching human-sized shoes for pet parents are all fair game.


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♬ Get Into It (Yuh) – Doja Cat

Dog Crocs went viral on TikTok, and it’s easy to see why

On TikTok, some of the most popular videos under the hashtag #DogCrocs and #DogsInCrocs are from as early as April and May of this year. In these videos, you’ll find anything from unboxings (when a person/pet owner records their reaction while taking an item out of its original packaging) to their creative outfits of the day — another viral trend.

Pup influencers @biscuit.superdog and @olive.and.gus are just a few of the pooches who like to show off their stylish dog Crocs on camera. Their views regularly skyrocket into the millions, and we can see why! Pairing these hilarious but adorable shoes with cute outfits — or even dog bandanas — and even cuter pups is a surefire recipe for viral success.

Though these accounts get a lot of attention, there are literally thousands of videos of dogs in Crocs to enjoy — and that’s just on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

a boston terrier wearing booties lies on a blue plaid blanket

Where to buy dog Crocs for your four-legged influencer

As soon as these dog shoes became popular, reports Entrepreneur, owners were quick to get their paws on them. So quick, in fact, that the GEHARTY Dog Crocs have been sold out on Amazon for a long, long time. Is an item truly viral if it doesn’t sell out?

Although this brand’s sandals may not be available, there are a few other brands for sale on Amazon that have similar ratings. AU-Lilith also sells Crocs for Dogs, and they are still in stock. They have six bright colors available, and the holes in the top of the shoes are shaped like little hearts — how sweet!

a black and brown chihuahua in red boots sits on the concrete in front of someone

What to know about dog Crocs before you buy them for your dog

You may be ready to pull the trigger based on how cute these dog Crocs are (and we don’t blame you one bit), but there are a few things to keep in mind first. Although these shoes are designed to look exactly like the infamous Crocs sandals, they are not from the official Crocs brand. Despite the long-lasting, viral trends, Crocs still doesn’t carry shoes for animals.

Another thing to know is that these plastic shoes come in one size only, and that’s small. The product description of AU-Lilith’s shoes even mentions that these are “small dog sandals” though we suppose these could fit on a cat’s paws, too. For larger pups and other animals, this fashionable trend will have to wait — for now!

The last, and most important thing to note about these adorable shoes is that they are not meant to be walked in. They’ll look adorable being worn for a photo or two, but Daily Paws reports that GEHARTY themselves warned of this major detail. Not only would these shoes not be comfy to walk in, but they could injure your pet if they trip over their own four feet. By keeping them on only for modeling, your dog can stay both safe and stylish while you enjoy this flashy new trend.

Though Crocs remain as controversial as ever, there’s nothing doubtful about how adorable your pup will look in them. And you can pick their color? Amazing! Whether they’re trying to become the next TikTok star or you’re just looking for a smile, you can let your dog try out something new — and get a few hilarious pictures in the process. Don’t forget to share them with us!

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