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4 best dog couches that your dog (and wallet) will love

Looking for the perfect dog sofa? We've got the best choices

Furniture has gone to the dogs! Once upon a time, there were only dog beds, but now you’ll find anything from luxury canine houses to fits-in-your-budget pup sofas. Who would’ve imagined that one day we’d spend more time and money on our pet’s comfort than our own? Even our living rooms are turning into sanctuaries of canine comfort — but can a room be both cute and pet-friendly?

Of course! If you know just what to look for, you’ll find something for Fido that’s comfortable, adorable, and affordable. Some of the best dog sofas are available at large online retailers, so you won’t need to leave your own love seat to order one for your pup. Here are some of the best dog couches we’ve found.

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Enchanted Home Pet Ultra-Plush Snuggle Bed

  • Machine-washable cushion cover
  • Multiple color options available
  • High enough to protect pets from drafts, but low enough for easy access

Now, your fur baby can lounge in style with this super-comfy sofa bed. The Enchanted Home Ultra-Plush Snuggle Sofa features a soft, polyester surface with a wooden frame, so you know you’re getting a top-quality product. The removable, machine-washable cushion cover comes in your choice of colors (black, dark gray, or pink). Plus, cleanup will be just as enjoyable for you as naptime is for your pet.

This couch’s 2-inch-tall legs give it just enough of a boost to keep it off the ground and away from drafts but not so much that it’s inaccessible to pets. At this affordable price, it’s perfectly accessible for your wallet, too!

Serrato Dog Sofa by Tucker Murphy Pet

  • Machine-washable cushion cover
  • Geometric corner frame offers a contemporary design
  • Finished on all sides so it can go anywhere in your home

If you’re willing to splurge a little for that extra fashionable furniture, this sofa may be just the thing. With its geometric, contemporary corner frame and removable cushion/cover duo, you’ll have no trouble finding a place for this bed in your home. Its support is constructed with walnut and powder-coated metal, which makes it sturdy enough for large dogs — up to 100 pounds. The cushion’s dark-gray cover is also removable for easy washing. That color also perfectly complements the wood-and-metal frame, and it will complement your living room just as well.

Enchanted Home Pet Dreamcatcher Sofa Cat & Dog Bed with Removable Cover

  • Features a pocket for storage
  • Faux-leather piping and brass nailhead accents offer a classic look
  • Machine-washable cushion cover

Help your pup catch some z’s in luxury with the Enchanted Home Dreamcatcher Sofa Cat & Dog Bed. This chic and elegant polyester couch is perfect for pets up to 30 pounds, whether they like to curl up, stretch out, or rest their head while they sleep. Its recognizable sofa shape will blend seamlessly with the aesthetic of nearly any living room, too.

The 2-inch legs on this couch keep your dog from sleeping on the ground, but they help absorb vibration as well. Now, you won’t need to tiptoe around your furry friend while she naps. This posh, caramel-colored couch is every pup’s best friend — it even has a pocket for toy and treat storage!

Moots Premium Leatherette Sofa Cat & Dog Bed with Removable Cover

  • Leatherette coated with a sealant to protect against accidents
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a sofa, cushion, and two furry pillows

If you’re looking for a matching canine couch for your Mini-Me, your search has come to an end. The frame of this couch is real wood and covered with leatherette coated with a waterproof sealant, so accidents won’t be a big deal. The cushion is extra soft both inside and out: The cover is made of fluffy faux fur and filled with memory foam and poly-fiber mix. When a faux-leather sofa is just as cozy as it is cute, you know your pup will love it, too.

Whichever canine-approved couch inspires you, you can’t make a wrong choice. There’s the perfect sofa out there for every living room, whether your pup prefers to rest on faux leather or something fluffy. These couches are relatively easy to wash, move, and lift, too. You’ll find plenty of styles and sizes available and something for any budget. Stay diligent and keep up the search — your dog will be snoozing in style before you know it!

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