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5 amazing DIY dog crate ideas you can build this weekend

It may sound daunting to build your own dog crate, but this project can be totally doable in just one weekend. Even novice woodworkers can do this! Each specific build will have a shopping list and timeline that are completely unique, so you’re sure to find a DIY dog crate that’s perfect for you and your schedule.

With your four-legged helper by your side (except not actually next to you when there are power tools involved), this weekend’s project will be both successful and helpful! Trust us, your dog will love it. If he could say “thank you,” he would!

a dog sleeps on a bed in his crate
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DIY Dog Kennel Cover

This tutorial from DesignCompany puts a time-saving spin on this project. Instead of building a whole crate, you can build an attractive, dog-friendly cover for any wire crate you already have. The cover has the look and function of an end table, so it’ll be perfect for any home. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • 1-by 2-inch wooden boards
  • 1- by-4-inch wooden boards (optional, can use more 1 by 2s instead)
  • Hammer and nails
  • Sander
  • Wood stain
  • Tape measure

Yep, that’s it! Heather of Heather’s Handmade Life finished this entire project in one day, so you should have no trouble completing it over a weekend. By this time on Monday, your home could be one end table cuter!

Basic One-Day Dog Crate

For another straightforward DIY that you can create in a weekend — or even a day — check out this geometric dog crate build from My Outdoor Plans. These woodworkers recommend using a high-quality material like cedar or redwood to ensure safety for your dog. Once you adjust the measurements to the needs of your dog, you’re ready to go!

What you need:

  • For the sides: 1-by-3-inch boards, 29½ inches long (4 pieces); 1-by-3-inch boards, 26 inches long (4 pieces); 1-by-2-inch boards, 29½ inches long (12 pieces)
  • For the faces: 1-by-3-inch boards, 19 inches long (4 pieces); 1-by-3-inch boards, 26 inches long (4 pieces); 1-by-2-inch boards, 19 inches long (6 pieces)
  • For the top and bottom: ½-inch plywood sheets, 24 by 36 inches (2 pieces)
  • For the door: 1-by-2-inch boards, 20½ inches long (2 pieces); 1-by-2-inch boards, 17½ inches long (4 pieces); 1-by-2-inch boards, 15½ inches long (2 pieces)
  • ½-inch screws (2)
  • ¼-inch screw (1)
  • Wood stain
  • Wood filler
  • Wood glue
  • Metal hinge for door

This project takes advantage of more materials and tools, so you may need to spend a little part of your weekend gathering everything you need. Once you’re ready, it won’t take long to assemble the dog crate you never knew you needed.

DIY Barn Door Dog Crate

Although this cute crate has the basic shape and purpose of the others on this list, it has an aesthetic appeal all its own. The last steps of this project include building and attaching the rustic barn door that makes this crate so unique, though experienced crafters may want to get creative with this piece of the process.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2-by-6-inch boards, 96 inches long (6 pieces)
  • 2-by-4-inch boards, 96 inches (4 pieces)
  • 1-by-2-inch board, 96 inches (1 piece)
  • ¾-inch plywood sheet, 48 inches (1 piece)
  • ½-inch plywood sheet, 24 inches (1 piece)
  • Pocket hole jig
  • Barn door hardware (the tutorial uses wooden planks)

It’s going to be a productive weekend — ready to get started?

a Corgi puppy lies in her crate surrounded by blankets and toys
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DIY Square Dog Kennel

This adorable DIY has both written and video instructions, so you can get all the info you need to get started. Since one of the very first steps is to treat the wood with a preserving stain, it can be used both indoors or outdoors.

The shopping list for this project is rather long, so you’ll want to visit the written instructions for a full roundup. Here are the essentials:

  • Clout nails
  • Wood preserver
  • Roof felt
  • 1/3-inch plywood sheets (2 pieces)
  • C16 CLS treated wood for base, 3 pieces
  • And more

Large Wood Kennel End Table

This is another fashionable crate that doubles as a table, though this one needs to be built from scratch (unlike the crate cover DIY). Thankfully, this project also has a shorter shopping list, so you can get started right away! You’ll want to be on the lookout for products like these:

  • 24-by-36-inch pine project panel or ¾-inch plywood or MDF (1 piece)
  • 1-by-3-inch boards, 8 feet long (5 pieces)
  • ¼-inch plywood sheet (1)
  • 1-by-2-inch boards, 8 feet long (4 pieces)
  • Set of hinges (1)
  • Latch (1)
  • 1¼-inch pocket hole screw
  • Wood glue
  • ¾-inch brad nails

The measurements on this project plan will build a crate for a medium-size dog. This kennel features a solid frame and walls to keep your pup secure in addition to a cute, modern look for you. What else could you possibly want in a crate?

Ready for an awesome weekend? With these simple DIY project ideas up your sleeve, you can build a new space for your furry friend faster than you can binge your favorite Netflix show. Plus, how good will it feel to bond with your dog over his perfect new crate?

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