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8 easy and affordable small dog Halloween costume ideas that are perfect for both tricks and treats

Try one of these small dog Halloween costumes

A black, brown, and white dog wears a ghost headband on his head. He's carrying a felt pumpkin bucket.
otsphoto / Adobe Stock

With so much spooky cuteness rolled up into a four-legged package, it’s tough to top dogs in Halloween costumes. Everyone you meet is in for a treat, especially when you have a well-thought-out outfit for your pup. And maybe they’ll see a trick, too, if your dog is up for it!

These small dog Halloween costumes pack an extra punch of cuteness with their miniature sizing, but many come (or can be made) in various sizes. From DIYs to store bestsellers, these outfits for petite pups will surely be winners come Halloween night.

These are our eight frighteningly fabulous favorites.

A Boston Terrier puppy wearing a pair of bat wings sits in front of a white background with a fake spider next to them.
Pond5 Images / Imago

DIY your dog a pair of custom bat or dragon wings

Your pet may not breathe fire, but he can surely act like it! Unleash your doggo’s inner dragon with a quick and fun DIY project you can spend as much time on as you like. All you need is cardboard or foam core, paint, a harness or jacket for your pup, and something like Velcro to attach the wings to the harness.

First, use your cardboard or foam core and scissors to cut out a pair of wings, then decorate them however you like. You can use paint, sequins, fabric, or anything else that won’t weigh down the cardboard/foam core. Once the wings are all prepared, use your Velcro (or whatever fastener you’d like) to attach them to the harness or jacket. Keeping the wings attached while your buddy moves around is the trickiest part, so give yourself plenty of time to experiment!

A small white dog sits while wearing a 'standing' mailman costume

A mailman costume for dogs, because even pups can dress scary on Halloween

If you can’t beat them, join them! With this adorable front-facing costume, your dog can come to the dark side by dressing up as his nemesis, the mailman. It even includes stuffed arms in the front to create the appearance of a person walking on two legs. You’ll get a kick out of your pup in this costume! Though other dogs might find it a bit spooky…

This USPS mail person costume for dogs includes a United States Postal Service hat, a half-body costume, and a small cardboard box accessory. It comes in four sizes, so you’re bound to find the “paw-fect” fit! Of course, there are also dog costume options if you’re a UPS family.

A pug in a pumpkin halloween costume
asingingwife / Pixabay

Try an adorable knitted animal hood to keep your dog warm and comfortable

These “snoods” are sweater-style hoods that keep your dog’s neck, head, and ears warm in the cold. Not to mention — they’re adorable! You can pick from several cute animal styles, from reindeer to giraffes and even unicorns. Plus, a Jedi-approved Yoda style! With three sizes to try, every dog will find their perfect snood.

Each snood is knitted and crocheted to perfection, so you know you’re getting the best quality materials for your dog. With their soft, stretchy fabric, your pooch may not mind wearing these as a costume, or even to stay warm!

Walking teddy bear dog costume

Walking teddy bear costumes for dogs are just as funny as they sound

This remake of a classic costume went viral a few years ago as one of the first “walking” pet costumes that give the appearance of a person or animal walking on two legs (just like the mailman costume above). Plenty of walking teddy bear dog costumes are available online or in pet stores, but you can make one, too!

A fair warning — teddy bears will be harmed in the making of this costume. All you need to do is cut the face and bottoms of the feet off of a bear. Then cut open the back. Remove all the stuffing except for what’s in the arms, and then slip your pup’s front legs inside the bear’s legs — easy!

Hot dog small dog Halloween costume
Jenn_C / Shutterstock

When it comes to dogs in costumes, hot dog outfits are always wieners–we mean, winners

Whether you have a dachshund or another small breed, they’ll look absolutely scrumptious as your favorite ballpark food this Halloween. Luckily, outfits like these are in no short supply; it’s a classic small dog Halloween costume!

This hot dog costume sits on your dog’s back and uses straps around his chest and stomach for support, so it’ll stay on while your pup stays comfy — even while running. The straps make for easy on and off, too, so you won’t have to spend all Halloween night just trying to get Fido dressed. He can even go potty without taking this costume off!

A small dog in a ghost costume stands with a pumpkin treat bucket in his mouth
otsphoto / Adobe Stock

A Beanie Baby pet costume is the easiest small dog Halloween costume to DIY

This homemade dog costume is as easy as it gets, especially since you most likely already have everything at home. It’s perfect for a last-minute outfit change, or if last year’s costume no longer fits. You’ll start by cutting a heart shape out of cardboard, then decorating it to look like the red and yellow Beanie Baby tag we all know and love.

What makes this costume so quick and easy is that you don’t need any special outfit or accessories — simply tie the homemade “tag” to your dog’s collar, and you’re ready to roll! You can go the extra mile by writing your dog’s name, birthday, and a cute poem on the tag, but that’s optional.

Superhero small dog Halloween costume
Ekaterina Demidova / Alamy Stock Photo

Dress your dog like the hero they are with a superhero dog costume

Dogs are everyday heroes, so they should dress like one, too! Hero and villain costumes from franchises like Marvel and DC are popular, even for dogs, but this adorable Wonder Woman pet suit takes the cake as one of our favorites. With a sparkly skirt and a tiny headband to match, how could you not love it?

Superhero costumes for dogs can be as simple as trimming a store-bought cape to the perfect size for your pup, so don’t overthink it! The costume itself is only a piece of the fun on Halloween.

A small black dog dressed in a spider Halloween costume walks on an orange carpet toward people
Xinhua / Imago

A spider costume for dogs will have passersby doing a double-take at your spooky furry friend

If you don’t mind giving a few people a true Halloween spook, try dressing up your pup in a life-size spider costume! Not only will they look hilarious running around with eight extra legs attached, but they’ll also get a reaction out of everyone they meet–guaranteed! Do be warned, though– this may not be a great pet costume idea for dog owners with arachnophobia. Even though it’s just a costume, the thought of a giant spider is enough to make many people’s skin crawl.

Online, you can find simpler costumes that include spider legs attached to a belt to strap around your pooch, or you can splurge for a more intricate outfit. The Frisco Spider Dog & Cat Costume from Chewy includes a hat that shows off multiple spider eyes, while another gives the spider a more colorful, cartoon look. Whatever direction you take is up to you!

Whatever vibe you’re going for this year, the perfect costume for your dog is just waiting to be found — or made! Creativity is part of the fun of Halloween, so it’s the perfect time to practice your imaginative DIY skills. No matter what you decide to you, we know your dog will love it!

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