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9 frighteningly amazing large dog Halloween costume ideas to try this October

Spooky, adorable, and easy-to-make large dog Halloween costumes

Border Collie in a skeleton shirt sits in a pile of autumn leaves
OlgaOvcharenko / Shutterstock

The spookiest night of the year is almost upon us, which means it’s time to plan everyone’s festive outfits… including your pup’s! With these large dog Halloween costumes, even your dog can be part of the frightening fun. And here’s the best part: You don’t have to spend a ton on these dog Halloween costume ideas, either.

Not only are they all reasonably priced (especially compared with Halloween costumes for people), but some are completely DIY-able, too. It’s a crafter’s dream! How you ultimately decide to dress up your dog is totally up to you — she’s going to be the star of the show this Halloween, no matter what. Just don’t make her look too spooky!

A Spanish water dog wearing a pumpkin headband lies on an orange pillow and licks their lips
lubero / Adobe Stock

Beanie Baby DIY name tags are perfect Halloween accessories for any pet

If your childhood self would have loved the idea of a life-sized Beanie Baby, you can make that dream come true this Halloween. All you need for this adorable project is cardboard and some paint (or colored construction paper if you’d rather) to design your pet’s own Beanie Baby tag. Bonus points if you go the extra mile and write her a custom biography poem!

Once you’ve designed and glued this adorable tag together, all you need to do is attach it to your pup’s collar — and snap some pictures, of course. An oversized tag might be more eye-catching, so plan your size before you cut any materials!

A pug wearing a lion mane costume sits and looks to the side
Ezzolo / Shutterstock

A lion mane for dogs can be an easy and fun way to dress them up for Halloween

For larger breeds with light coloring, like Labs and golden retrievers, a lion mane wig for dogs will look almost like the real thing! This mane for dogs is made of skin-safe, environmentally friendly material that will get just as many double takes as compliments. Someone might think your pup is the real thing!

Jailbird dog costume

A naughty dog prisoner costume will show your fur baby’s rambunctious side

If your pup tends to cause trouble, this prisoner outfit for dogs will be the perfect costume for her. A striped shirt will help her look like the treat thief she already is, while the matching hat seals the deal. It even comes with a customizable “bad pet” sign, so you can write in your dog’s proper charges! With a face like hers, though, who knows what else she can get away with? As long as she doesn’t steal the candy (sugar and candy ingredients are not good for dogs), that is!

A German Shepherd wearing bat wings sits next to a little girl in a witch costume
Аrtranq / Adobe Stock

Bat costumes for dogs are simple yet so effective for Halloween

Whether you make this costume for your dog or purchase something ready to wear, your furry friend will certainly be the center of attention dressed as a bat. After all, it’s a classic Halloween critter, and who better to pull that off than your beloved pup?

You can DIY a pair of bat wings out of felt and pipe cleaners, just like this tutorial from the American Kennel Club. Of course, you can make this project all your own with any other materials you have lying around, or you can indulge in this adorable bat wing harness for your pup.

A toy Poodle dog sits in front of a white background wearing a yellow flower-shaped cone

Flower dog cone DIYs are a great way to make any cone more festive

If your sweet dog will be wearing a cone when Halloween rolls around, you can always decorate her cone for an adorable and easy costume. You can get creative with a number of cone costumes, but flowers are always a favorite choice! All you’ll need are scissors, Scotch tape, and construction paper. Just cut out large petals, place them in a circle around the cone with your pup’s head at the center of the flower, and secure them with a little piece of tape.

Alfie Pet also offers a Sunflower Recovery Collar for dogs who don’t mind wearing this fun look for a while. How cute!

Cowboy rider Halloween pet costume

A cowboy “rider” costume for dogs guarantees a laugh anywhere you go

Fun illusion costumes like this have been gaining popularity in recent years, and this cowboy rider costume for dogs is included. You and your pup are sure to get tons of laughs on Halloween, especially as the little cowboy on top bobs and leans — just don’t be surprised when others around you start giggling, too! This costume fits like a lightweight harness, so your dog won’t mind wearing it, and it’s easy to take on and off.

A small dog wearing an Ewok costume stands in front of a white background
Rubie's Pet Shop

An Ewok Star Wars dog costume will be paw-sitively precious on any pup 

Plenty of Ewok costumes for dogs are available for purchase online and in pet stores, though it’s possible to make this costume at home. If you want to follow this tutorial, all you’ll really need is brown fabric, some twine, and a pair of scissors. It’s a no-sew tutorial, too — it can’t get much easier than that!

If you prefer to purchase a Halloween costume for your dog, you can find an Ewok outfit easily online. The Force will be strong with your furry Jedi!

A Staffordshire bull terrier wears a spider costume
cynoclub / Adobe Stock

Spider costumes for canines can look surprisingly realistic

Although a few people might jump at the sight of a giant spider walking around, it’s sure to get a lot of laughs, too. You can certainly try making this costume at home, though something this large and complex can be time-consuming. Instead, try purchasing one of the highly rated spider dog costumes. Just remember to give her a little space while you’re walking her on a leash so neither of you trips over the costume!

A small white dog wears a black shirt that looks like the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus are riding on it

For Disney fans, this Hocus Pocus Ride-On Sanderson Sisters shirt will put a spell on you

Not all dogs love wearing hats or accessories on their heads, but there are plenty of costumes that will feel more like a shirt to your pooch — just like this one! Your pup will love how comfy this outfit is, while Disney fans of all ages will be smiling at the plush Sanderson sisters ‘riding’ your dog wherever she goes. With a shirt costume, you won’t need to worry about anything falling off while your pup runs and plays, so this can be a great fit for active and athletic canines. With no wardrobe malfunctions, you’ll wake up after Halloween to ‘another glorious morning’ with your fur baby by your side.

With these dog Halloween costume ideas, your pooch can get in on the frightful fun this year. From DIY adventures to outfits too cute to pass up, you can find it all online. Be sure to tag PawTracks in your pet’s photos if you use any of our ideas — we’re so excited to see what you come up with!

Happy Halloween!

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