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Dachshund takes his sweet time on walks and we’re so here for it

Walks with this dachshund are short and sweet, and now there’s a video to prove it. One dog owner with a great sense of humor decided to record their pup’s best efforts while walking alongside another doxie friend — and oh boy did the internet respond!

The only thing better than this sausage dog video is the comments that followed. Redditors were quick to make this situation as hilarious as it is adorable, and we can’t get enough. Whether you’re someone who appreciates a strong canine personality or you’re a dachshund owner who can relate, get ready to have a smile permanently plastered on your face.

Love this sausage doggo. from tippytaps

The viral video

Though the clip that gained traction on Reddit isn’t the original post, some quick research reveals that this video is one of many showing off this independent little pup named Buster. Kate, his owner, also owns three other dachshunds and goes by the handle @motherofsausages on TikTok. She regularly makes videos with captions like “My sausage dog that only has one speed and refuses to exceed it.”

In the fifteen-second clip, one chipper sausage dog can be seen running ahead of Buster, who seems completely aware of and unbothered by his own leisurely pace. As the faster dog catches up to their owner, the camera zooms in on their slower friend as he continues his stroll — even once stopping to sniff something interesting.

We love the confidence that practically oozes from this little sausage dog. He knows what kind of walk he wants and deserves, and he’s going to make sure that’s what he gets regardless of everyone else’s speed.

Props to Buster’s owner Kate for letting her fur baby take his time. Allowing him to meet his needs his own way is a great strategy for confidence-building and bonding between owner and dog. No wonder Buster is so strong-willed!


By all means move at a glacial pace. You know how that thrills me. ?#onespeedsausagedog #dachshund #dogs #dogsofttiktok

♬ Ride Wit Me – Nelly

A small dog makes a big mark

Both the original video and the Reddit post have garnered a lot of attention online and on social media. Buster and his pack now have over 576,000 followers on TikTok and another 35,000 on Instagram.

The Reddit comments are as entertaining as the video itself, pointing out adorable details like Buster’s cute outfit or his confident swagger. Nothing, though, is as popular as his leisurely walking speed.

“Lil Guys pootling the best he can,” wrote Redditor trudytudy. “This post actually tells you he’s giving you 100%, always. What a hero.” Aside from being absolutely correct, this comment has blessed us with the best new online word: pootling. Excuse us while we add that to the dictionary.

User apathy97 similarly commented, “Really puts the tippy and taps in tippytaps” while gubmentgoon noted, “That’s [the dog’s] downhill speed too.” Others were quick to chime in with jokes about distractions and tailwind, though our favorite comment points out one of the funniest details of the video:

“If he had ran, then he would have missed that interesting smelly stain on the pavement,” wrote Anomalous-Entity. Another user, a sausage owner who goes by mattbakerrr, agrees, revealing “This right here. My doxie goes on Sniffs… not Walks.” That dog sounds like a perfect walking buddy for Buster!

If you’re like us and you can’t get enough of the sausage dog sassiness, make sure to give Kate’s TikTok and Instagram accounts a view. You’ll see more of Buster, but you’ll also get to meet the rest of his fast-paced pack, too! What are you waiting for?

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