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4 fantastic dog crate decorating ideas to consider

If your dog has a crate, you probably know about its benefits and usefulness, but did you know how cute a dog’s space can be? With these dog crate decorating ideas, you can transform a crate into a fancy bed, some holiday decor, or even a table. Some of these easy projects need only one item, while others are a bit more involved. Whether you’re eager to DIY these features or purchase these items online, you should be able to find plenty of resources on the internet. From bloggers to vets to animal rescues, inspiration is all around — but we’re here to help get you started! To learn how to decorate a dog cage, read on:

Decorate your crate water dish or dispenser

Although often overlooked, having water available for your dog while he’s crated is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be ho-hum! Whether your dog has a bowl or a special crate-friendly water dispenser, decorating it with stickers or pet-safe paint can make a world of difference.

Try personalizing your pup’s bowl with his name or initials, or, for something less permanent, chalkboard paint will let you change it up every day. You can also dip the bottoms of glass or metal bowls in paint, leaving the top clean and dye-free.

a corgi puppy looks up from a playpen
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Get creative with your crate’s covering

While your pup may already love his crate — enclosed, safe spaces are comforting for dogs (think den) — you can help make it even homier by covering the top of his crate with a special cloth or blanket. Thicker is best to keep your pet warm, but you can find blankets and fabric in all kinds of fun colors and patterns.

Some pet parents go above and beyond when setting up their dog’s den. With some quick browsing online, you’ll find countless decoration ideas, from curtains and awnings to seasonal designs — like haunted houses!

With a little thought and handiwork (or a decent-sized online purchase), you and your dog will be closer than ever. An adorable crate that also functions as a table works in any area of the house, even the middle of the living room. You can install a safe solid topper and use fabric to cover three of the crate’s sides for a minimal look, or you can build the crate into an actual table. Whether you just place the crate under an existing table or you construct one around your crate, make sure all materials are fastened securely; the most important thing is keeping your pet safe, after all!

An adorable dog bed

A little fabric can go a long way. Whether your pooch prefers some padding or a bed in the bottom of his crate, you can easily make it as cute as your dog. A simple fabric cover for a pad can be easy to DIY if you’re comfortable sewing, or you can buy a comfy, attractive dog bed for your pup.

When in doubt, lay a cute blanket on the floor of his crate. This will give him some cushion and texture at the very least, and you can get a blanket in nearly any pattern. If your dog gets warm or would rather have a pillow, blankets are light and easy to move. Just make sure Fido won’t destroy it!

a beige dog with a wrinkly face lies down in a crate
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Decorative pillows for dogs

If you like decorative pillows on your couch or bed, you can add some to your dog’s crate as well. For pups who can be trusted not to rip up pillows and toys, it can be fun to pick out a few cuddly items to give them. If you’re looking for a specific style, you can shop for the perfect pieces, but odds are your dog will be just as happy with a few of his favorite plushies. You’ll have to wait to see if you can catch him in the act of snuggling — don’t forget to snap a photo! There will surely be naps ahead with this cozy idea.

These are just a few of the endless crate decoration ideas, but they’re the classics. Dogs are naturally drawn to safe, enclosed spaces, so making your fur baby’s crate comfy will be a lifelong benefit. When a pup enjoys his crate, so many aspects of pet parenthood, such as travel, bedtime, and even emergency planning will become endlessly easier. Your pup will have somewhere to escape stress and sleepiness, and you’ll always know where your furry friend is hiding.

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