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6 totally adorable, TikTok-approved ways to include dogs in a wedding

These TikTok videos of dogs in a wedding are the best thing we've seen all week

The wedding trends of 2022 are nothing if not unique. From mirrored aisles and ‘cottagecore’ aesthetics to the ‘coastal grandmother’ scene, there’s no guessing what’s coming next. The only thing we’re sure of, though? Dogs in weddings are here to stay. Furry friends have become nothing less than family members in recent years, and so many pet parents like us wouldn’t have it any other way — even if that means planning for a dog in attendance on the big day!

It should come as no surprise that TikTok is a goldmine of wedding dog ideas. From first looks to the first dance, there are so many ways to let your pup get in on the nuptial action. Besides, who wouldn’t feel overjoyed seeing dogs in a wedding? It is the happiest of occasions, after all.

Maid of honor, who? A dog of honor sounds like way more fun


He ran to his dad down the aisle – but got some pets first of course ? #fyp #foryou #dog #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #wedding #goldenretriever #cute

♬ Put Your Records On – Ritt Momney

Walking down the aisle is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and there’s no reason why your four-legged friend shouldn’t be included. You can have them walk at any point throughout the ceremony–we don’t blame any brides who wouldn’t want to miss it, though this couple had their pup enter as a traditional Dog of Honor–right before the flower girl and his mama! Clearly, this guy was enjoying his social time, but nothing tops the moment he sees his dad at the end of the aisle!

Include your furry friend in the first dance (if they don’t invite themselves, that is)


Best day ever ✨ Pup had to join for our first dance. #twosday #twosdaywedding #feb22 #feb222022 #dogwedding #goldenretrieverlife #dogtok #goldensoftik

♬ original sound – Steph and Bear ?

Even though first dances are traditionally only for the newlyweds, dogs are starting to convince us otherwise. Just look at the way that big baby was nestled into his mama’s neck! Of course, dancing with a smaller dog might be easier–or your large dog could join you with their back paws on the ground. However you make it work, it will be the most special moment.

Have a first look with your dog at the beginning of your big day


Wedding tip: do a first look with your dog ❤️ #weddingtiktok #firstlook #dogsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Kayla Fjelsted

First looks have only been increasing in popularity over the last several years, so we’re not surprised to see dog moms doing it their own way. Whether it’s an elaborate setup or just a simple interaction like this precious video, there’s literally no way to do this wrong. Whatever moment you and your pup create together will be im-paw-sibly perfect. Just don’t forget to take photos!

Include your dog on your wedding cake decor, even if they can’t attend the wedding


He just took a smol bite ?? #wedding #weddingideas #cake #dog #dogsofttiktok #petsoftiktok #weddingtiktok #weddinggoals #fyp #foryou #lab

♬ small bite – ja$$min

There are so many ways to honor your dog in your wedding decor, from photos in the centerpieces to dog-treat favors for your guests. Of course, you can include them on your wedding cake! These will all be options even if your furry friend can’t attend the big day themselves. Perhaps they’re easily stressed, or maybe they’re healing from a recent injury; if your buddy isn’t by your side, you can still celebrate them! This can also be a great way to honor pets who have already crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Your dogs could be the most beautiful flower girls this world has ever seen


The cutest flower girls! #dog #dogs #dogsofttiktok #weddingdog #doglover #wedding #unboxing #holidaycountdown #SimsSelves

♬ original sound – Golden Stables

There’s no denying it–these Dutch Shepherd sisters are flower girl pros. With a little time and training, though, any pup could be! You could take it to the next level and have your dogs carry something down the aisle, like a cute sign or a bouquet of their very own. We’ve yet to see a pup actually drop flower petals, but we are patiently waiting for someone to prove us wrong. Will that be your dog?

Take wedding portraits with your dog by your side to commemorate the most special day


Here is your sign to have your pup in your wedding! #fyp #wedding #labradoodle #foryou

♬ Like I Can – Sam Smith

Between the ceremony, reception, and all the conversations, you may not get much of a chance to slow down on your wedding day. Luckily, portrait time can be a great time to enjoy the moment and truly connect with your partner. This couple made their photo session even more special by including their Labradoodle. He’s one photogenic dude! Wedding photos with your pup can even be an option if your dog isn’t there at the ceremony itself. Many photographers will be happy to book an extra shoot! Besides, isn’t your wedding day the perfect opportunity for a family portrait?

With these ideas straight from their sources, we hope you’re feeling a bit more inspired. These are only a handful of ways to include dogs in a wedding, but you can make it as simple or as complex as you like! It is your special day, after all, and if you want your furry friend there–they should be there!

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