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Luxury dog beds: Are they worth the price?

Your pupper spends a good chunk of the day napping and sleeping. Is his bed soft, comfy, and fluffy enough to keep his pup dreams happy? Or is it just a thin pad? Is there really a difference between the cheapest bed and the pricier one?

Think about when you buy items for yourself. For example, do you notice a difference when you buy the good toilet paper versus the cheap stuff? You always regret buying the other stuff, don’t you?

Your pup can’t tell you if his bed isn’t comfy. So is it worth getting a luxury dog bed? Let’s see if there’s a difference.

The cheaper beds

The first thing everyone does when shopping online is change the filter order price so the cheapest items show up first. We always do. But certain things shouldn’t be purchased by price alone. Here’s what we found when you shop for the cheapest dog bed.

The cheaper mattresses seem to be the thinnest of mats. There’s no thick memory foam. No cozy faux fur lining. They look like one step up from sleeping on the floor. That can’t be great on your dog’s joints.

A young girl and her puppy cuddling on a bed
Helena Lopes

What do the most expensive beds get you?

Now, let’s look at some fancy beds. What does the extra money get you? For the high price, you’d better get some perks.

Well, if you get the Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Foam Sofa, you get a mattress that even you could take a nap on. It has gel memory foam for cooling joint relief and three-sided neck bolsters for extra comfort, and it’s manufactured in the U.S.

It looks like the cheaper bed isn’t worth it. Might as well just buy yourself a fancy coffee. But what does that mean for your dog? It means stepping up brings some puppy perks.

Your pup’s benefits

You are going to buy the luxury pet bed with its headrest, reduced carbon footprint, and cooling gel foam material. How does that help your dog? Here’s how.

  • Reduced joint pain

Having a cushiony support to lie on will give your dog the relief he needs on all his joints and pressure points. You know what happens when you sleep on a bad mattress. You wake up in the morning feeling miserable. Spare your pooch that same feeling.

  • Better night’s sleep

A cozy spot to curl up on will help your pup sleep better. Memory foam and cooling gel will help keep Fido from overheating and give him the orthopedic support he needs to stay asleep all night.

  • Supports for your dog’s neck, hips, and back

You probably sleep with at least two pillows. You might have three or four to support all the spots you want while sleeping. A thick foam mattress will give your dog the same benefits.

  • Your older dog will feel younger

Older pups really need a luxurious bed. They need the thicker padding, the memory foam, the cooling gel material, all of it. Their old joints will never loosen up sleeping on a raggedy mat.

A happy fog in their dog bed
Jodie Louise

Should you just buy more of the cheaper beds?

Well, we wouldn’t. Why would you want to keep buying a $25 mattress multiple times a year? We get that you may not want to splurge for the nice dog bed because it seems expensive. But ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do you scrimp with your own items?

Do you rationalize the cheap choice when picking up toilet paper? You know the nicer one always is better, and you regret — deeply — when you get the cheaper one.

  • Would you want to sleep on the floor?

Those cheaper dog beds are barely nicer than sleeping on the floor. If you had to sleep on a blanket on the floor, how many nights would you last? Exactly. Your pup deserves better.

  • Do you like burning your money?

You know you are going to have to buy another dog bed in a few months if you get the flimsy one. Your dog is going to chew it to pieces, or it’s going to fall apart when you wash it. Wouldn’t you feel better if you didn’t have to worry about replacing the dog bed for a long while?

Your dog will love you

He really will love you for getting him a better-quality bed. Giving him a nicer dog bed isn’t only so you don’t have to buy a new one in a few months. He also will sleep better, feel more refreshed, and love that you gave him his own space.

If your dog isn’t allowed on your comfy memory foam mattress, then he needs his own spot. You want your dog to be his best, most energetic self. Sleeping on a thin mattress isn’t going to cut it.

Are luxury dog beds worth it? Absolutely. You’ll save money in the long run, and your dog will feel better and have less pain as he ages. Grab a luxurious dog bed for your best pal to show him what a good boy he is.

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