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Good, better, best: Dog kennels your pooch will love

If your dog loves spending time outside but tends to get into trouble, an outdoor kennel can be the best of both worlds. Your best buddy will be safe and contained while getting all the sights, sounds, and smells of the great outdoors. We’ve scoured them all — from the best dog kennel to the worst — and these were some of our favorites.

Many pup parents fear dog kennel setup, but these top-notch products make it easy. Some don’t even require tools! Available at several price levels, these adorable outdoor dog kennels will ensure everyone’s peace of mind while giving your pup a place that’s all his own.

Good: FenceMaster Cottageview Dog Kennel

For a simple structure that will get the job done and keep your dog safe, the FenceMaster Cottageview Dog Kennel is a good call. The 4-foot-tall steel frame will keep most dogs contained — though the product description warns of larger and stronger dogs successfully escaping — while the chain-link fencing discourages scratching and chewing. Once you know they’re safe, you can let your dog relax and get to know their paw-some new space, complete with a locking latch door to foil even the smartest little Houdinis.

Reviews of this product praise its easy construction (yes, you do have to put the kennel together yourself) and its durability. The heavy-duty galvanized steel material makes this pen ideal for yards, garages, or even basements, though its top-notch construction means it’s also difficult to move.

Why we like it:

  • Easy to assemble
  • 4-foot tall steel frame is good for most dogs
  • Offers a locking latch door and chain-link fencing

Better: Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Outdoor Dog Kennel with UV-Resistant Waterproof Cover

Now your pup can lounge around in style with Lucky Dog’s Uptown Outdoor Dog Kennel (plus cover, of course). This rustproof steel structure is built with your fur baby’s well-being in mind, from the easy-to-clean material to the elevated legs and lockable latch. It arrives at your doorstep in easy-to-assemble panels — you won’t even need tools to assemble this kennel!

What makes this 5-foot structure so nice is its 12-inch-tall weatherproof fabric cover. It’s UV resistant and waterproof, making it the perfect solution for every month of the year. The tarp-like cover fully encloses the top of the kennel, so you won’t need to worry about your pupper getting wet if it starts to sprinkle or snow.

Why we like it:

  • Easy to assemble (no tools necessary)
  • Features a UV resistant and waterproof fabric cover
  • Has a rustproof steel structure

Best: 8 Foot Low Profile Outdoor Pet Gazebo Dog Kennel

Not only is this kennel strong and effective, but it’s also super cute, too! Pet Gazebo’s outdoor enclosure is possibly the best dog kennel for pets up to 200 pounds (or multiple pets) since its steel construction is built to withstand both weather and canine resistance. The accompanying polyester canopy is weatherproof, heat tolerant, and — wait for it —  reversible. It’s basically like having two covers in one.

There’s a latch window on one of the panels, so you’ll always have access to your furry friend. Since the panels arrive at your home put together, the setup will be a piece of cake, too. This manufacturing helps make it portable and customizable; no additional parts are needed to connect multiple kennels, either. You’ll love having this adorable golden gazebo in your yard, especially because it helps keep your pup safe, too!

Why we like it:

  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Features a weatherproof, heat tolerant, and reversible polyester canopy
  • Latch window offers easy access to your dog

Whether you’re looking for something simple and effective or a kennel that will add a bit of style to your dog’s day, the internet has them all. Remember to consider what features the structure has before you buy — your dog’s safety comes first, after all! It’s important that you feel comfortable using the kennel as well, so don’t forget to explore it for yourself before you let your dog do so. A cute, high-quality dog kennel is a fantastic investment for yourself, your home, and — of course — your dog, so choose carefully!

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