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Pet profiles: Lulu Belle’s small size makes a big mark for our IT team

Behind a lot of great people are the pets who keep them going. The unconditional love of an animal is a pick-me-up and a motivator unlike any other. Folks from all walks of life can appreciate the joy a pet can bring to any home, and we at Digital Trends Media Group are no exception.

Lulu is a sweet little dog whose dad works on the technical side of the company. Her quirks and antics keep her family on their toes, and we couldn’t wait to find out more about lil’ Lulu.

First, let’s meet Lulu’s human, Peter Huwiler.

The Parent and the Pup

Peter, tell us a little about your role at Digital Trends Media Group––what do you do?

[I’m in] IT Support. If you come work for Digital Trends you cannot avoid me. You must interact with me or you will not have a working machine. And later on if that machine has trouble, you guessed it……Pete, Help!

My role is making sure you all have working machines and can do your work!

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Thanks for keeping our machines up and running! Speaking of, how many pets do you have at home to keep you on your toes? What are their names?

One, Lulu Belle Huwiler.

What’s your pet’s breed, and what led you to choose this breed?

[She is] Shih Tzu/Pekingese. Well, we were told she was full Shih Tzu but I think we were lied to. She definitely has some Pekingese in her. We chose her more based on size than anything else and we love her to pieces!

How cute! Does this breed fit well with your lifestyle? Please tell us why!

Yes, she in an indoor dog and this is perfect, especially during the pandemic. Her little legs get tired after more that a half mile, so she gets most of her exercise inside the house.

Does Lulu have any unique traits or behaviors that are specific to her breeds?

She is lovable and will lay close to you when you are not feeling well. She loves to sleep a lot but also likes to play and wrestle. She thinks she is tough but we know better. Always curious what is happening in the front yard, [she] sits on the back of the couch and nothing passes by that she does not see.

All about Lulu

And what about Lulu as an individual? What little quirks or adorable moments has she shared with you?

She likes to sit on my chest and after getting her to howl a little, she will keep on going for a long time (quietly, and with some egging on) while talking a bunch of gibberish. It is almost like we are having a conversation. I react to her like she is saying something terrible and she then gets a little louder as if to say “Listen to me!” [My] wife and kids think I am a little crazy!

How did the little cutie come to join your family?

My wife has never been a dog person and our 3 kids have always wanted one. After years and years of asking, it was the day after Christmas 201l, my wife asked if I wanted to go shopping at the mall and I DID NOT want anything to do l with that, but she said, “Maybe we can look at small dogs.” Immediately I said, “Okay, you drive” and I was on the phone looking at dogs nearby.

We came home with a dog and a car full of everything we needed just a few hours later.

Treats, toys, & more

And what are her favorite toys?

She loves them all equally, loves to pull them all out of her toy basket and then go sit down. I guess if I could only take one it would be her little ball.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

What do you feed Lulu?

We feed her dry/kibble food and tend to buy ones with salmon in it and no corn.

(Editor’s note: The benefits of corn in dog food is debatable, and most modern premium foods eschew corn as filler. You can read up on the nutritional value of corn for dogs here, and always consult a vet about which is the right diet for your pet.)

Where do you like to purchase pet products for Lulu?

We buy her food at Costco and other items are spread out among online and other stores.

Lastly, do you carry pet insurance?


Thank you, Peter, for sharing a bit about Lulu Belle with us! And of course, a big thank you to Miss Lulu Belle for giving your family all the love and laughs they deserve. There’s nothing quite like the adoration of a pup to make your home a little brighter. Cheers to all the pet parents out there, from the Digital Trends team!

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