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5 Twitter accounts with the most adorable photos of dogs

Social media can get competitive and stressful, especially in the hustle and bustle of today’s world. Luckily, though, not every account out there is doomed to bring you down. How, exactly? These adorable accounts of dogs on Twitter. Yep, dogs are social media stars now, too.

We’re thrilled to report that Twitter for dogs is a wonderfully real phenomenon, and we’ve found some of the best accounts out there. Any one of these five pages is sure to put — and keep — a smile on your face. Be careful you don’t lose track of time while scrolling!

I pet Malachi. He is a 5 year old Therapy Dog. Malachi goes to schools to comfort kids who are feeling anxious or having a hard day. He loves kids so much, he can tell when they are upset and need him. He lies next to them or sits in their lap. Malachi makes everyone feel better.

— I've Pet That Dog (@IvePetThatDog) March 29, 2021

I’ve Pet That Dog

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like, and yes, it’s even more amazing than you think. This wholesome account is run by 12-year-old Gideon, who, despite his age, has already made a huge mark in the world of Dog Twitter. On his account, you’ll find frequent photos of Gideon smiling alongside each dog he meets, accompanied by a short bio or fun fact about the pup. You’ll be scrolling — and smiling — for hours.

According to the FAQs on his website, Gideon has petted over 1,200 dogs in the last four years, which is as long as his account has been active. He has even petted 387 virtual dogs because not even the pandemic will stop this canine hero. Don’t worry; it’s all supervised by his mom!

Oh c’mon. We only rate dogs. This is a baby hippo just trying to enjoy his mud bath. Please send dogs. Thank you… 13/10

— WeRateDogs® (@dog_rates) March 15, 2021

We Rate Dogs

If you like your dog pictures with a dash of humor, you’ve come to the right account. This page features new pup pictures every day, with a silly caption and rating to match. Each photo is rated by the anonymous account owner with a score out of 10, and (spoiler alert!) every dog so far has scored more than 10.

On this page, you’ll find pit bulls, poodles, and every other breed you can imagine. The account frequently spotlights newsworthy pets, such as Bobo, the 22-year-old Chihuahua, as well as user-submitted photos — so message them a photo of your pet while you’re browsing!

— out of context dogs (@nosensememe) April 12, 2021

Out of context dogs

This adorable page is just dogs — nothing else. There is, as the name implies, zero context given in any of these posts, only photos and videos of dogs being silly, cute, or just plain weird. In just a few scrolls, you’ll find reposted TikToks of hilarious pups, photos of doggie haircuts gone wrong, and oh-so-much more.

If you expect just a smile while visiting this profile, raise your expectations. Before you know it, you’ll be laughing out loud and begging for more. You can scroll in peace for hours if you want. And with this many adorably random pups, you’ll want to.

You scratch my back….and I'll scratch your back

— The Pet Collective (@PetCollectiveTV) March 14, 2021

The Pet Collective

Although not doggie exclusive, The Pet Collective is an adorable, relatable account that features pets of all species. From silly cats and dogs to unlikely farm animal friends, you can find it on this page. Even if you’re a dog-only person, there are plenty of pup videos on this profile to help you get your fix.

On its website, The Pet Collective describes itself as “a playground that promotes joyful moments … for the spoiling, nurturing, and whole-heartedly pet-obsessed,” and from a pet lover’s perspective, we couldn’t agree more. The collective accepts video submissions from users, so you know everything you see on the page is as authentic as it is adorable.

INcreased Brainbower: Absorb the good directly.

— Dog Solution (@DogSolutions) August 22, 2020

Dog Solution

Ah, yes, this is the internet humor we’re all here for. If you loved living through the era of the Doge meme, this account should be at the top of your list. It’s all just as random, with the same charmingly confusing language that online dog accounts have been branded with for years, purposeful misspellings and all.

At first glance, these are no ordinary dog pictures. They are pure internet gold. A golden retriever playing with the garden wind chimes? A Labrador standing up to his head in a muddy puddle? A pretty pittie girl dressed up in her fairy costume? Sign us up, please!

Whether you’re looking for an online serotonin boost or just want to spice up your Twitter feed, these adorable and hilarious accounts are surefire hits. From the humor of Dog Solution to the wholesomeness of I’ve Pet That Dog, you really can’t go wrong. Each has its own flair and personality, but they all have one thing in common: the four-legged friends we can’t live without.

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