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5 best Father’s Day gifts for fur dads

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to answer the perennial question: What do you get the guy who has everything? Whether it’s electronics, sporting gear, or home improvement items, everyone is looking for the perfect gift to express appreciation to dear old Dad.

This year, we’ve got you covered, especially if your guy is a pet parent with a dog who accompanies him everywhere. Check out our best Father’s Day gifts for fur dads. You’ll find something for every personality and budget on our list.

Dog DNA kit

If you’ve adopted a total mutt and ever wondered about his family tree, then a DNA kit may be the perfect gift. Why would you want to know? Each breed has its own genetic and behavioral concerns. So, the more you know about your dog’s ancestry, the better prepared you are to keep him happy and healthy.

Reviewers unanimously pick Embark’s Big Reveal Kit as one of the best on the market. The kit contains a cotton swab, instructions, and a return envelope. Results include genetic markers, trait tests, DNA relative finder, scientific discoveries and research, and a chat with a vet geneticist.

Who it’s great for: The dad who spends all his time on learning about his own family tree

Automatic tennis ball launcher

Have an active pup in the family? Do you wear out before he does? An automatic ball launcher might be the answer. Turn on this machine, and your dog can chase and fetch to his heart’s content.

Your small- to medium-size dog might like this Hyper Fetch Mini model by All for Paws Interactive. The machine comes with three mini tennis balls, works indoors or outdoors, and can be set to shoot a ball 10, 20, or 30 feet. Your pooch can even drop the balls into the ball launcher himself, which provides mental stimulation as well as great physical activity.

Who it’s great for: The dad who likes playing fetch with his dog… but also likes just sitting on the patio watching Fido run every once in a while

GPS dog tracker

If your guy is the adventurous type whose dog is happiest by his side, investing in a GPS tracker for Rex’s collar is a great gift. Whether Dad is an avid camper, hiker, or sportsman, knowing he can find his best friend if they’re ever accidentally separated will give him peace of mind.

The FitBark GPS Dog Tracker is a great choice. The device works on dogs from 5 to 140 pounds and begins tracking within two minutes, with a feed refresh every 60 seconds. The lightweight device (17 grams) fits on his dog’s collar (not included) and optionally links to Dad’s FitBit, Apple Watch, Google Fit, or smartphone. A subscription, ranging from $5.95 to $9.95 per month, is required.

Who it’s great for: The dad who loves to go hiking with his pooch

Dog luggage

Everybody needs their own suitcase when they travel, and furry companions are no exception. For guys on the go who take their dogs along for the adventure, a dog-gear backpack can be a thoughtful gift. Whether it’s a daylong hike or a multiday trip, having all your dog’s essentials in one carryall is practical and convenient.

We like this Ultimate Week Away Backpack from Mobile Dog because of its durable construction, airline carry-on compliance, and built-in waste-bag dispenser. The backpack also comes with two lined food carriers and two silicone bowls with a placemat.

Who it’s great for: The dad who has racked up plenty of airline miles and loves taking his dog along

Sports team game gear 

Is your pop a sports aficionado who wears his team colors on his sleeve — literally? Then there’s no reason his pup can’t sport team colors, too. Whether it’s a “lucky” jersey or an understated collar, man’s best friend has lots of ways to show support for the home team.

Who it’s great for: The dad who wears his sports allegiance with pride

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes with different personalities and preferences. So do dog dads. In the end, we know it’s the thought that counts. Whether your duo enjoys nonstop action with travels that take them everywhere, or they prefer a cozy day curled up on the couch together, celebrating the bond between a man and his dog on Father’s Day is a considerate way to let them both know how much you care.

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