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Video of cat pushing senior dog down the stairs has people all bent out of shape

There’s nothing quite as heartwarming as unlikely animal friendships. But unfortunately, reality is rarely that harmonious. This fact is displayed perfectly by a viral TikTok video that captures the moment when a cat pushes a dog down the stairs. The video, posted by TikToker Queefly, begins with her black and white cat Snickers and her senior Golden Retriever Bailey together at the top of a flight of stairs. By the end of the clip, Bailey is down on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. But according to many viewers, this scene is not as straightforward as it first appears. So, are you team Bailey or team Snickers? Keep reading to find out who’s really at fault.

Golden Retriever and cat sitting together
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The saga of Snickers and Bailey

The TikTok, which was originally posted on November 23, has amassed 29.9 million views in just a few weeks. And for a good reason, too; the clip packs a ton of drama into its less than 10-second runtime. Queefly summarizes the TikTok best in the video’s text, saying, “My cat pushed my elderly dog down the stairs.” As the clip starts, you can see Bailey slowly making her way down a flight of stairs. Then, Snickers jumps out from around a corner and, either playfully or maliciously, begins swatting and biting at Bailey’s rear leg. The owner admonishes the cat saying, “Hey, leave her alone,” but the damage has already been done.

With one swipe of the cat’s paw, the senior pup loses her balance and slides down the remaining steps. While her owner is clearly distressed by the fall, Bailey seems unphased by the incident. She quickly stands up after faceplanting on the floor and happily continues with her day. Queefly notes in the description that she was unharmed by the entire incident.


luckily she’s okay ? #dogsofttiktok

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Whose side are you on?

Like most videos posted on the internet, this TikTok has viewers divided. There has been a ton of discussion in the comments about who is truly at fault for Bailey’s tumble down the stairs; the clip has 64,000 comments on it! Lots of viewers were, naturally, upset with Snickers. They joked that the act was unforgivable or, as el_gordito_ put it, “The cat is now an outside cat.”

Others still came to Snickers’ defense. As valtheone89 noticed, “The dog literally stopped on the step and then decided to fall.” Bailey’s owner responded by saying the incident seemed to happen in slow motion. Myca_farris commented that it looked like “She did that on purpose to get the cat in trouble.” “The cat barely touched it too,” wrote voidphasing.

One TikToker in the comments came to set the record straight, sharing their experience of living with a senior dog. For those who have never had an old dog, Louryan writes, “They can barely hold themselves up. That little push by the cat definitely set his whole balance off.”

Can’t dogs and cats just get along?

Cats and dogs can often cohabitate happily, but a few skirmishes are still bound to be. As seen in Queefly’s TikTok video, sometimes those interactions can be dramatic and potentially dangerous. Because of a little swat to the legs from Snickers the cat, Bailey the dog took a tumble down the stairs. Bailey walked away without a scratch, but the video left many debating whether the cat acted innocently or cruelly. Was Snickers just being a cat, or were they enacting an evil plot to rid the house of the pup? It’s impossible to know what a cat is ever thinking, but, using TikTok as a guide, you can make a lot of great jokes about it.

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