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5 fall activities to do with your dog in New York

Without question, fall is one of the prettiest times of year on the East Coast. Nature puts on quite a display as the sugar maples change color, dotting the landscape with brilliant shades of red, yellow, and orange. The weather is cooler, too, making it a great time of year for the whole family to plan a getaway and explore this annual phenomenon up close and personal.

Which East Coast state should you visit? We recommend New York, mainly because accommodations, parks, and attractions welcome your four-legged family members, too. No matter what part of the state you choose to explore, these dog-friendly New York spots are fantastic to visit with your pet.

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Cayuga Wine Trail, Finger Lakes

Take your pup along while you explore the first organized wine trail in the country (1983), which includes 16 wineries, one meadery, one cidery, and four distilleries. Wines from these wineries have won more than 6,000 national and international medals throughout the years, which are surpassed only by the breathtaking views you’ll encounter along the way. Most of the wineries allow leashed dogs inside and outside the tasting rooms; however, it’s best to call ahead to confirm the current policy.

The Getaway at Emerald Glen Farm, Morris

Stay in upstate New York with dog lovers just like you at this 120-acre dog-centric campground, where you and up to five of your dogs can completely immerse yourselves in nature. Dogs are allowed to explore off-leash and there are dog-washing stations throughout the campground so you can rinse off after an adventurous day. Choose the accommodation that fits your budget, ranging from luxury RVs to cabins to cottages to tents.

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Lake Placid

There’s a rumor going around that dogs outnumber humans at Lake Placid, and from the looks of the pet-friendly activities available, we’re inclined to believe it might be true.

  • Main Street shop owners are known for their pet-friendly policies and often place water bowls outside their shops and give treats inside to leashed pups who are shopping with their owners.
  • John Brown’s Farm is the historic home and grave site of abolitionist John Brown. Bring the dogs along to hike the trails or swim in the pond while you reacquaint yourself with this pivotal facet of U.S. history.
  • Hiking enthusiasts can explore some of Lake Placid’s 2,000 miles of marked trails, the largest trail system in the nation, with routes ranging from easy to moderate to difficult.

New York Road Runners, NYC

There’s no reason to give up your running habit while you’re on vacation in New York City. The New York Road Runners (NYRR) organizes weekly Open Runs through parks in all five boroughs and the Greater New York City area that are free of charge for all ages and levels of ability. Leashed dogs are always welcome. Check the NYRR website to see if there is a run near your hotel. No registration is required; however, you do need to create an account to participate.

Pier 84 Dog Park, NYC

After playing all day at Hudson River Park, head on over to Hell’s Kitchen and let your pup run off some steam in the fenced, off-leash dog run. The dog park is open to licensed dogs who are current with their vaccinations and have identification tags. Fresh running water is available for your pups, with benches for you to sit and appreciate the views.

The Empire State

New York was one of the original 13 Colonies that formed the United States, with New York City named as the first capital once the Constitution was ratified. Since then, New York has come to be known as the Empire State because of its wealth and variety of resources. Speaking on behalf of dog owners who like to travel with their canine companions, we agree. The state is dripping with opportunity for those who prefer to take their pups along on vacation.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to call ahead before showing up with your dog. Pet policies are subject to change without notice. Besides, you’ll want to be aware of any extra fees or restrictions at each venue so there aren’t any surprises once you get there. The good news is, thanks to recent pet-friendly trends in the travel industry, you need to do only a little advance research to plan a vacation the entire family can enjoy.

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