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5 reptiles on Instagram with more followers than you

Just as they’ve taken over every other place on the internet, pets seem to fill up our Instagram feeds. But it can’t be just the dogs and cats conquering the world; our furless babies deserve a chance to be influencers as well. Birds and reptiles have made their own splash on the platform recently, with many of the most photogenic racking up thousands of followers. Catch some of the most fashionable snakes, chams, and geckos on the internet by checking out these reptiles on Instagram. 


Named for a particularly attractive butter pastel ball python (and her bestie, a yellowbelly), this account treats you to the chronicles of Honey and Severus. Cute and whimsical, these fanged and famous beauties enjoy shadowing their owner, often appearing in unlikely places: on the desk, in the kitchen, and sneaking into the dog’s bed. This pair of characters love to eat and their pet parent provides many snaps and videos of them doing so. Don’t travel over here if you’re squeamish about watching a snake devour a rat whole. If you can stomach that, though, you’ll find double the personality and then some with these two. 


Meet Rosie, Norman, Lloyd, and Moose, four bearded dragons who love to dress up. These beardies are rescues but are now living the life in New York. You simply cannot miss out on these lizards dressed in shark costumes or wearing bat wings. They also frequently parade around in custom bandanas, which always go well with their particular shade. In addition to providing us with endless entertainment, the reptiles’ “hoomom” educates her followers on the particulars of bearded dragon care and the sad effects of neglect this crew has faced. Luckily, they’ve got it good nowadays.


A repti-fluencer list would not be complete without Goliath the leopard gecko who has over a million followers on TikTok. Goliath posts some of his best on Insta, though, and you’ll get as much gecko personality as you could ever want here. This little guy likes to crawl over, under, and through just about everything from hot dog buns to pillow forts. Plus, you will gush over him in hats or wearing holiday sweaters. Of course, there’s also plenty of videos of him licking his eyes. Goliath’s owner enjoys herping and occasionally keeps fans abreast of his adventures as well. 


It’s all about the pose on bananapie20. Here, you’ll find Kristen and her band of reptiles — Gaia, Nephele, Mouska, Marcellus, Octavius, Selene, Cassius, Viserion, Nyx, Astraea, and Julius. There’s quite the mix of python, crested gecko, and boa pics here, with each animal getting their turn in the spotlight. Viewed in the grid, you get to see each reptile giving a little of their personality and a lot of their glamour. The snakes love to wrap around humans especially, and the geckos cling happily to friendly hands in many shots. Lose yourself in the variety of color, background, and posture of each of these guys. 


It’s “All things chameleon,” and you will get your fill of the beauties when you drop by. Naturally, Neptune is the star, but he brings along his friends like Luna and Apollo. In addition to providing excellent entertainment, this Instagram educates followers on how to take care of chams. Everything from how to clean a cage to what to feed your chameleon at every age is included. You’ll discover a great place to get some of the basics, all accompanied by perfect chameleon portraits that include some guest stars in addition to the regular cast members. 

Get to know a couple of these superstar reptiles with their quirky personalities, lovable looks, and thirst for adventure. While you’re at it, learn a bit more about your favorite species and continue the journey into the herp world. You can use this for inspiration to find the perfect pet of your own, and these accounts have many recommendations on rescues and ethical breeders that will get you started the right way. Set your quirky pet up with an Insta himself and see if you can rival these guys in followers. Or just scroll along through the big bulging eyes, flicking tongues, and happy tails. 

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