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8 amazing reasons to be thankful for your cat this Thanksgiving (and every one to follow)

Why to be thankful for your cat this Thanksgiving and how to show him you care

Thanksgiving reminds us of all of the blessings in our lives that we should be grateful for, and that includes cats! Your cat might be one of the greatest parts of your life, and there are many reasons to be thankful for him, not only at Thanksgiving, but during the rest of the year, too. Cats enrich our lives with their silly selves, their companionship, and yes, their crazy antics, too. This year, as you think about all the things that you’re fortunate to have in your life, here are eight reasons why you should be thankful for your cat as well.

A dark-haired pregnant woman cuddles a gray cat on a sofa
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Your kitty provides incredible companionship

Cats make fabulous companions. While they might not always be in your lap or want to follow you around the house, when you have a cat in your home, you’re never truly alone. Cats can be quiet companions, or they can be super vocal, but it’s always nice to know that your buddy is sleeping in the next room or hanging out on the other end of the couch.

Cat lying on a bed with an orange cat toy
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Warm feet

Have a cat who loves to sleep in your bed with you? Then you can say goodbye to cold toes. There’s nothing so warm and comforting as when your cat crawls onto your feet and then settles down there. It’s a great way to stay cozy on those cold winter days, and it’s nice to know that the heat your feet generate is appreciated by your kitty, too.

Beautiful red kitten on a wooden surface close-up, top view
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Alarm clock

If you have a cat who loves his breakfast right on time, then you never have to worry about setting an alarm clock again. Your cat is sure to wake you up and insist that you get out of bed to feed him every morning. And if you hit the snooze button and try to go back to sleep, you won’t have to worry about sleeping through your alarm. Your faithful furry friend won’t allow it.

Beyond just waking you up in the morning, your cat keeps you on schedule, too. He’ll let you know when it’s time to be fed, when he’s ready to play, when he wants cat treats, and more.

Gray cat in Christmas tree


Your cat will do his best to keep you creative. You’ll find new ways to read the newspaper while he traipses over it and tries to sit on the section you’re most interested in. You’ll also come up with some ingenious strategies for protecting the Christmas tree, keeping your cat out of your dinner, and removing cat hair from your clothes, furniture, and seemingly everywhere else in your home.

Cat on a wooden desk-by Mac
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Computer company

When you’re on your laptop or your computer, you won’t ever have to worry about being lonely. Your cat will keep you company, and he’ll happily walk across your keyboard to add his own input into that email you’re writing. After all, don’t all computers run better with a little cat hair in them?

Working from home? Your kitty will become your faithful coworker. He’ll keep your printer warm, make an appearance on all of your Zoom calls, and show impeccable timing when he meows when you’re on the phone with a client.

Cat smelling a flower
volcanogirl / Shutterstock


Cats may not even intend it, but they add a hefty dose of humor to our lives. They’re always getting into things they shouldn’t, and they have perfect timing when it comes to inspiring a laugh. Your cat gives you the gift of whimsy every single day.
Two cats sleeping and cuddling together


Cats are so rewarding because it’s obvious how much they appreciate things that you do. Get out the cat treats, and you’ll witness your cat dance around in anticipation, then dive into the treats with joy. When your cat starts to purr and stretch out when you pat him, he makes it clear how much he appreciates you.

Kitten lying on a piece of furniture, looking up
Image used with permission by copyright holder


Above all else, cats give you love every day. They might not always show it with cuddliness and affection, but still, you know your kitty loves you. Cats also provide you with someone to love in return, and that’s one of the best benefits of having cats in your life.

There are so many reasons to be thankful for your cat. Kitties give us a lot. This Thanksgiving, why don’t you show your cat how much you care? Consider making him some homemade goodies, or buying a bunch of his favorite snacks at the store so you can treat him all month. Spend some extra time relaxing with and patting your cat, and spoil him with some extra play sessions, too. Go shopping for some new toys, some fresh catnip, and even a cat bed for an extra-special holiday season. Most importantly, simply give your cat plenty of attention and spend some quiet time with him, reflecting on how much you love him.

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