6 reasons why your cat won’t stop meowing (and what to do about it)

Cats meow for a number of reasons. When they’re kittens, they mew to their mothers when they’re cold, hungry, or scared. As they get older, they learn other ways to vocalize and interact with other cats, usually by yowling or hissing. Meowing is an adult cat’s main way of communicating with you and other people. But if your cat is constantly meowing, it can become a major annoyance.

If you’re constantly asking yourself, “Why is my cat crying?” and “Why does my cat meow so much?” then you’re in the right place.

The first step to get your cat to quiet down is to figure out why your cat’s meowing. A cat crying for attention will require something different than a cat crying in pain. Here are a few of the most common reasons cats meow continually and how you can get a cat to stop meowing so much.

Striped orange cat meowing

They’re lonely and want to chat with you

The problem: If your cat spends long hours at home alone, she may be lonely. While kitties are not the most social animals, they do enjoy company from time to time. Your cat may greet you when you come back home or consistently meow when she walks in the room. Some cats like to mimic humans and join in regular conversations, too.

The solution: To quiet her down, consider leaving out some toys to entertain her while you’re gone. You can get a kitty condo or interactive toys. You can also put a bird feeder outside her favorite window to attract birds and provide hours of entertainment, or play a video created just for cats on YouTube.

They want food

The problem: Is your cat crying nonstop anytime someone enters the kitchen? She is probably begging for food, even if it’s not her usual mealtime. Some cats can become very vocal when they believe it’s time to be fed.

The solution: To train your cat not to do this, don’t feed her when she meows. Instead, wait until she’s quiet to put down her bowl. Don’t give her treats when she cries to you. Over time, she’ll learn that being quiet means food time. You can also try using an automatic feeder, which releases a portion of food at a set time every day.

Black kitten meowing

They want attention

The problem: Some kitties meow at you when they want attention. Cats enjoy being around people and may start talking when they want you to play or pet them. Does your cat want attention? To prevent her constant meowing, give her attention only when she’s quiet. If she begins meowing again, look away or stop what you’re doing.

The solution: Be careful not to ignore her. Your cat wants to spend time with you! She needs quality time every day for playing, grooming, and chatting. Schedule time with your furry friend, whether she’s meowing at you or not.

They have a medical problem, or they’re stressed

The problem: Numerous diseases and ailments can cause your cat to be hungry, thirsty, or in pain, resulting in excessive meowing. Kidney disease and an overactive thyroid are just two such medical conditions. Stress can also cause a cat to be more vocal. If you’ve moved recently, added a new family member, or gone through any other significant life changes, your cat may be feeling stressed out, making her meow more.

The solution: This can be a severe problem. If you suspect your cat is in physical or emotional pain, schedule an appointment with your vet for a full checkup. They can give you tips for how to calm your anxious kitty or create a complete treatment plan to relieve your cat’s pain.

Cat meowing

They’re getting old

The problem: As cats age, they can begin to experience cognitive dysfunction and mental confusion. Just like older people, they may become easily disoriented. This can cause a cat to cry more frequently, especially during the night.

The solution: Sometimes a nightlight can help your cat feel more comfortable if she gets disoriented at night. However, this issue is best handled with a vet’s assistance. They can determine if aging is causing your kitty to meow. Additionally, they can prescribe medications that can alleviate her symptoms.

They want to breed

The problem: If your cat isn’t spayed or neutered, she will be very vocal when she wants to breed. Female cats are often louder than males. They will yowl when they’re in heat (about one week every month), and males will yowl when they smell a female cat in heat. Both, however, can be very annoying to live with. To prevent this sort of meowing, get your cat spayed or neutered.

The solution: While cats’ meowing can be aggravating, it is a sign that they are unhappy. Whether they simply need more attention or require medical care, you should not ignore your cat’s cries. When your cat meows, be sure to check on her to figure out the reason for the noise.

Once you know why your cat’s meowing, you can help solve her problem. You may need to set aside time to play with her or schedule a vet appointment. But with this guide, stopping your cat from constantly meowing will be a little easier.

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