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Video: Cat outsmarts dog in a genius way

Are cats smarter than dogs? We let this funny cat video add to the debate

Cats vs. dogs is an age-old debate, and their feud could go back millennia. Likewise, you’ll see some pretty big debates go down about dog people and cat people with entire countries throwing their preferred animal into the ring. But some choose to forgo this dichotomy and bring home both dogs and cats. In these households, the epic fight continues with each taking a few wins and losses. While dogs are generally the larger creature, sometimes they get outsmarted by their feline companions.

This cat genius has certainly learned how to mess with her Fido (we’re pretty sure she claims him). Reddit user u/Alert-Competition-69 posted the hilarious meeting of the minds, well-tagged as “Derpy” where a big dog tries to mess with a cat and gets it handed to him. While the pup seems to start things by wanting to play, the kitty certainly finishes things. After a few well-placed baps, she climbs through an indoor fence into a separate area away from her buddy. Of course, the large dog follows and the clever cat walks back out, closing the gate behind her. While she’s little enough to fit easily through the bars, he can’t go after her, much to his obvious dismay. It’s certainly a win for the cat lovers!

One commenter, u/Jenderflux-ScFi, correctly identified this mouser’s plan as “Purfection.” Another, u/theflashsawyer23 nicknamed the encounter “The Pawshank Redemption.” Everyone agrees that this cat has some smooth moves.

A dog stares at a black cat while lying down

Are cats smarter than dogs?

The truth is we really can’t say one way or the other which animal actually possesses a greater intelligence. In part this is because each has unique abilities and traits: while cats might be better at finding mice in the walls, dogs are superior trackers. Despite these innate differences, researchers have tried to settle the debate by putting both beasties through a few tests. Particularly when scientists look at the cerebral cortex, they can measure the neurons in cats and dogs. When you look at that data, there really isn’t much disagreement, dogs come out far ahead. But other tests don’t yield the same results, so it isn’t a slam dunk (though it might indicate that pooches have better brains). Still, you won’t see any mutts able to jump from high places and exact the perfect landing, so no matter what, they both have their place and special accomplishments.

Regardless of who will win the ultimate cats vs. dog argument, you can’t deny that the kitties came out ahead this time. Their owners will definitely have to keep an eye on this set to make sure that the cat doesn’t lock the dog away again. Perhaps watching this video will help us determine that this individual feline at least might in fact have the superior planning skills.

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