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4 holidays gifts that are so cool even your standoffish cat will like them

Cats have a way of never really appreciating what we give them. You could invest in a top-quality cat tree, and your cat will never use it. Unwrap an elaborate toy and your cat will choose the box instead. And cat beds? Your cat would rather sleep on the floor next to the bed. That’s why we’ve found the best holiday gifts for cats that even your standoffish, highly particular kitty won’t be able to resist. From toys to treats to a really cool scratching post, these gifts are not only ideal for the holiday season, but they’re also items your cat will be able to use all year long. As you’re making your Christmas list and checking it twice, make sure that at least a few of these items are on there for your furry family member.

Grey cat sitting in front of a stack of wrapped Christmas gifts
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PAWZ Road Cat Scratching Post Cactus Cat Scratcher

Traditional scratching posts are so boring. This scratching post is much more intriguing with its fun cactus design. It features three poles, each covered with sisal and carpeting and ready for your cat to dig his claws into. The posts have multiple heights to encourage scratching and stretching. There’s even a hanging toy that stimulates your cat’s hunting instincts. This scratching post is available in two sizes and will add a fun touch to any room in your home.

Yeowww! Catnip Banana Toy

The Yeowww! toys feature a flower-top blend of catnip that’s super enticing to cats. That organically-grown catnip is stuffed into this banana toy, which is made of durable cotton twill. The result is a fun toy that’s perfect for nuzzling, grabbing, tossing, and bunny kicking. The toy features only soy and vegetable dyes, so it’s natural and non-toxic.

I can testify to how awesome this toy is. I’ve had it in my home for a year and all three of my cats still play with it every day. The toy has held up well despite being chewed and tossed daily, and it’s still among my cats’ favorites to play with.

Goody Box Holiday Toys, Treats, and Blanket for Cats

This fun goody box from Chewy makes it easy to shop for your cat during the holidays. Rather than buying individual items, this box includes an assortment of must-have cat gifts that will also save you money. It features gifts that have been hand-picked for pet parents, including a Frisco holiday blanket, freeze-dried chicken treats, three plush holiday Christmas light toys with catnip, a plush holiday gift cat toy, and even a holiday raccoon plush kicker toy with catnip. This set gives your cat plenty of toys for playtime, as well as treats to enjoy and a warm blanket to snuggle in on Christmas morning.

Temptations Cat Treats Variety Packs

If your cat loves Temptations cat treats, then he’s sure to adore this variety pack. Eating one flavor all the time can get boring, but this pack includes the Seafood Medley, Tasty Chicken, Blissful Catnip, and Tempting Tuna Flavor varieties for plenty of choices. These treats are just two calories each, and they’re sealed in stay-fresh pouches so they stay crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. They are the perfect way to treat your feline all through the holiday season.

When shopping for Christmas gifts for your cat, think about the types of toys and beds that he already likes, and look for items with similarities. If your cat doesn’t go wild for a gift the minute it’s unwrapped, don’t worry. Many cats will take days or even weeks to warm up to a new object, and then all of a sudden decide that it’s their new favorite thing. Have some catnip handy to rub on the gifts and pique your cat’s interest, but also be prepared to just start ignoring the new items. Chances are your cat will come around in a little time and decide that all of his gifts are absolutely fantastic.

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