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4 of the best large-cat litter boxes under $40 we’ve ever seen

Giving your cat a litter box where he’s comfortable and that’s just his size can encourage him to use that box. While many litter boxes will work just fine for smaller and medium-sized cats, the best litter box for a larger cat can be harder to find. It’s important to consider your larger cat’s needs when shopping for a new box. The best litter box for large cats will be generously sized and will give your cat plenty of room to move around in the box. This is particularly important if your cat has a condition like arthritis that makes it difficult for him to move, since turning around in a smaller box will be more challenging.

Frisco High Sided Cat Litter Box

The extra-large Frisco High Sided Cat Litter Box measures 24 by 18 by 10 inches, making it one of the largest litter boxes available. Its high sides help keep litter contained, ideal for that frisky kitty who gets overly enthusiastic when digging around in the box. The box is made of high-quality plastic, so it’s durable and designed to last. The plastic is BPA-free for safety, and you can even recycle the box. The extra-roomy design can accommodate larger cats, and the open-top design makes for easy daily spot cleaning. This litter box comes in two colors, giving you an option that works best with your decor.

KittyGoHere Senior Cat Litter Box

The KittyGoHere Senior Cat Litter Box is designed to give cats easy access to the box, and its ample size is ideal for large cats. The box measures 24 by 20 by 5 inches, and its 3-inch-high entry point lets your cat easily step into and out of the box, no climbing or jumping required. This low-entry design is a bonus for arthritic cats, but it’s also helpful for cats who are larger, who may have limited mobility, or who may be overweight. This box is made of durable plastic and is available in three colors. It’s super easy for cats to access and can work for multiple members of your feline family.

IRIS USA Jumbo Hooded Litter Box with Scoop

This jumbo litter box gives your large kitty plenty of space to move around and has the benefit of being fully enclosed to help contain mess and odor. The box measures 21 by 18.75 by 17 inches, so it’s suitable for larger cats. The lid buckles to the base and has a handle so you can move the box around quickly. The lift top’s quick-access design makes daily cleaning easy. This box also includes a scoop that you can clip to the box to keep it off your floor. A free-swinging flap entry door helps keep litter inside the box while making it easy for Kitty to get in and out.

PetFusion BetterBox Non-Stick Large Litter Box

The PetFusion BetterBox Non-Stick Large Litter Box is roomy and designed to make your job of cleaning it easier, too. It measures 22.6 by 18.1 by 8 inches and features a low entry point that’s just right for older cats or those with mobility issues. The box is made of ABS plastic, which is more durable and stronger than polypropylene plastic. It’s covered with a nonstick coating that reduces litter adhesion by up to 70%, so cleaning the box is easier, and you can maintain better box hygiene with reduced odor. The coating is pet-safe. The box also features curves for easier scooping, and a grip lip.

Before buying a litter box for your cat, consider what his unique needs might be. In addition to being bigger, does your cat have difficulty climbing or jumping? If so, he might need a litter box with a low entry point. Some cats show strong preferences for open litter boxes over enclosed boxes, and if your cat is already pressed for space, he might not want to use a box that’s fully enclosed. Consider your cat’s current litter box habits and look for a new, larger box that still has some similarities to the old box. Remember that the box’s location and the type and amount of litter you use will also play a role in encouraging your cat to accept his new, bigger litter box.

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