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The best dog Christmas sweaters (from ugly to classy) under $30

Every year, pet parents look forward to including their animal companions in Christmas festivities. That includes dressing dogs in seasonal outfits to enter ugly Christmas sweater contests or showing off classy attire at holiday parties. Following is a roundup of Christmas sweaters for dogs under $30 sure to turn heads this holiday season.

Ugly and humorous

Frisco String Christmas Lights Sweater

Although this pullover doesn’t light up, it will certainly brighten any ugly-Christmas-sweater holiday party. The stretchy design makes it easy to pull this winter accessory on and off. Not just for fun, this acrylic knit sweater will help keep your pup snug and cozy on winter walks.

Rubie’s Christmas Patterned Ugly Sweater

While dogs have a way of making every outfit look cute, this one definitely belongs in the ugly-sweater category. One Amazon reviewer said her dog was a big hit at a “work ugly-sweater contest” dressed in this colorful pullover. It sports all the classic holiday icons, including Christmas trees, snowmen, and snowflakes. A lightweight sweater, this one is perfect for indoor festivities.

Fun and practical

Bobibi Cartoon Reindeer Christmas Sweater

This sweater decorated with a cute cartoon reindeer is sure to make your neighbors smile as your dog prances down the street. The stretchable acrylic fabric is easy to get on and off and will keep your dog warm when out around town. Manufacturers recommend choosing the sweater size based on your pup’s chest size.

Scenereal Knitwear Sweater

This holiday-themed hoody is light yet warm and practical with a hole on the back for attaching a leash, making walks so much easier. The black, white, and red color scheme with a snow-and-reindeer design makes this pullover stand out from the more traditional holiday colors. While it is machine washable, the manufacturer recommends hand washing as it’s gentler on the fabric.

Classy and sophisticated

Frisco Deluxe Marled Fair Isle Reindeer Sweater

What could be classier than dressing your canine friend in a Fair Isle sweater? This style originated on Scotland’s remote Fair Isle and became popular in 1921 when the Prince of Wales started wearing Fair Isle sweater vests. Now, your dog can feel like royalty when he walks around town dressed in this red-and-white thick acrylic knit pullover beautifully designed with a winter scene that includes snowflakes and reindeer.

Frisco Plaid Cable-Knit Sweater Dress 

It’s hard to resist this adorable outfit for the four-legged girl in your life. It offers the coziness of a cable-knit sweater with a flared plaid skirt attached to the hemline and an adorable plaid bow adding that extra touch. This pullover design slips on and off easily over your dog’s head. While you’ll be tempted to save this one for holiday parties, it’s also perfect for taking winter wonderland walks.

Whichever sweater you choose, avoid disappointment by following the manufacturer’s measurement instructions carefully. Some offer videos of the correct way to measure your dog, and it’s worth taking the time to review these. Be sure to monitor your dog closely when he’s wearing a holiday sweater. Remove it when the walk or fun is over so you can both relax and enjoy the festivities.

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