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This video proves the dog pool is better than the dog park

Your pups could enjoy a dog pool day just like the ones in this video

If you’re a pup parent, you’ve probably spent some time at the dog park, but have you ever given the dog pool a shot? As you might imagine, this takes the concept of the dog park and brings water into the equation. As this video proves, there’s nothing cuter than watching a stream of pooches dive right into the water to play. It’s truly a sight worth seeing.

This TikTok proves dog pool day can beat dog park day and is perfectly titled “Pool Day for the Pups.” It opens on a shot of a big fenced-in pool with some buddies waiting excitedly outside. Once the gate is open, they pour in to start splashing in the water, swimming around, and, of course, barking madly. The welcoming setup even has some helpful mats on the edges to assist anyone with slippery feet getting in and out. A quick cut shows us another dog pool, this one indoors and filled with toys to help the happy games along. Again the furry friends make a mad dash in to play. It’s clear that every single pup in the video is living their best life.

Top commenter, Kimmi, remarked, “Wonder what they’re saying to each other ?” which is certainly a question on our minds as well. With all the barking happening, you gotta think they’re having some pretty riveting conversations.

Max&Bree got into the mind of one of the dogs saying, “‘Don’t mind me doing a bellyflop in the water.'” Don’t worry; all the pups seem just fine.

But it was Tationaa? who summed up what we were all thinking: The way they jump in is the cutest. Finally, MC Dream House gave them a good sendoff “Wow. Happy pool party, furbabies.”

A dog runs on a pool deck after a swim
Helena Lopes / Pexels

Can my dog swim in the pool?

The great news is that it is safe for your four-legged friend to go into the pool, provided they are supervised (we don’t recommend allowing access to water without a human watcher). Chlorine pools won’t hurt dogs as long as the levels stay within acceptable limits.

Remember that while essentially all dogs can learn to swim, it doesn’t come naturally to every breed. Your golden retriever will almost certainly take to the water without much prompting, but your Chihuahua will not. Small breeds are particularly at risk of drowning and can become exhausted quickly from the activity. Keep a close eye on your animal, no matter his pedigree, any time he gets in the water. A watchful eye will ensure you can all have a good time. Along those lines, it’s best to introduce your beastie to water in a more controlled environment, but once he’s used to it, then it will be time for a dog pool day.

Rebekkah Adams
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