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Top dog supplements for joint health and how they help your pooch stay active

Best supplements to give to your arthritic dog to help with joint paint

You might wake up sometimes (or all the time) with an achy back and your pup could as well. Just like humans, dogs can get joint pain and arthritis. This particularly happens in older animals and in certain breeds that are prone to it, like German shepherds. Luckily, there are a few things you can give them to help — and your canine will just think they’re getting an extra treat.

Senor golden retriever sitting in the grass
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How do supplements help with joint pain?

If you’ve noticed your dog acting stiff or limping, it could be arthritis or other joint issues. Make sure to talk to your vet to help diagnose (in case there’s something else going on like a broken bone) the issue. The dog doc will do a physical exam plus tests, such as imaging, to determine the underlying cause. If it turns out to be a joint problem, your vet might suggest a supplement, which can reduce inflammation and stimulate cartilage growth.

A senior black and white shih tzu with glassy eyes and an underbite looks off to the side

Which supplements are best for joint health

You want to look for something with glucosamine or chondroitin or both! Those two things help improve joint health and might actually work better in combination. Also, consider CBD and green-lipped mussel, which can be included in or given as an addition to your main chew. These are the top dog supplements for joint health.

Rogue Pet Science Origins Dog Supplement 

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Are you looking for a premium dietary supplement for your dogs? The Rogue Pet Science Origins Dog Supplement has a lot to offer. To start with, this dog supplement promises to uplift your canine companion’s health and vitality. Committed to all-natural ingredients, this is a dog supplement that harnesses the power of hand-selected ingredients to provide a comprehensive nutritional profile for your furry friends. Each serving is packed with the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that your dog needs to lead a high-quality life. 

Cosequin DS

Formulated specifically for joint pain, Cosequin helps dogs suffering from pain and can be given to younger animals as a preventative supplement. Check with your vet, but you can start your pooch on this one even when they are just a year old. This chew contains both the big guys, glucosamine and chondroitin, plus MSM.

Naturvet Senior Wellness Hip & Joint

Animals of advanced age might need a little more help. This product is built for those beasties and contains glucosamine and chondroitin, plus omegas, which help with anti-inflammation, and are therefore good for arthritis and other joint issues.

PetHonesty Senior Hemp Mobility Supplement

Not just for older pups, this supplement also includes hemp to help a dog who has pain from advanced arthritis. It boasts a big ingredient list with all the usual suspects like GLM and collagen, but it doesn’t have steroids or GMOs. Each component targets a different issue to help keep your senior beastie going until the end.

Zesty Paws Hip & Joint Mobility Bites

Your pet might get a few different supplements every day. You can cut down on your meds chart with Zesty Paws, which contains vitamins as well as joint help. In this treat, you’ll find OptiMSM, a form of MSM created specifically to help your best friend stay active and feel his best.

No matter which chew you choose, your furry bestie will love the flavor and the way it makes them feel. Many of these will show visible improvement after a few weeks, so keep trying something new until the both of you land on the one that works best for you and Fido. Even with the benefits, you’ll still need to keep up to date with vet visits to make sure your guy is doing well and doesn’t require further treatment.

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