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3 great dog swimming pools with no setup required

When the weather heats up, your four-legged friend will be looking to cool off. Whether you opt for some refreshing frozen treats, a doggie-friendly cooling mat, or a pup-friendly kiddie pool for summertime splashes, you really can’t go wrong! To give you a head start, we’ve compiled some of the best dog swimming pools that’ll keep your fur baby safe no matter how big or small she is.

Swimming pools for dogs are often smaller and not as deep as other plastic or inflatable pools, though it’s a smart idea to supervise your pet while she’s taking a dip, regardless of her aquatic comfort level. Maybe you’ll want to opt for a bigger pool so you can hop in with her! We won’t judge!

Junior Sunflower 37″ x 37″ Plastic Novelty Sandbox

  • No setup required
  • Weather-resistant
  • Low depth makes it safe for smaller dogs

If the thought of an inflatable pool makes you nervous with your pup’s sharp claws, there’s another option: plastic pools!

For a plastic pool that’s safe for everyone in your family — even the furry friends — check out this adorable little plastic pool from Wayfair. Although it’s marketed as a sandbox, it makes a fun and easily accessible kiddie pool that’s only 8.2 inches deep, so even pups and lowriders will be able to enjoy the summertime splashes.

This pool is weather-resistant and durable — no more worries about fading, cracking, or leaking! It’s easy to clean with water and mild soap, and zero setup is required. Talk about an easy way to keep your dog busy and cool!

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool

  • Comes in five sizes
  • Comes with a plastic hose for easy drainage
  • Environmentally friendly

This versatile dog pool comes in five sizes — yes, five — so you can find the absolute perfect fit for your pup. It requires zero inflation or setup besides unfolding it and filling it with water, which makes it basically instant. For an easy cleanup, you can attach an included plastic hose that helps you release water directly into a drain or desired area of your yard. No more flooded lawns!

The thick PVC that makes up the pool is environmentally friendly, so you know it’s safe for your pup, too. Although it’s a tough material, Jasonwell recommends trimming your dog’s nails before swimming for maximum durability.

Petmaker Pet Dog Pool and Bathing Tub – Foldable with Carrying Bag

  • Portable with its own carrying bag
  • Comes with a wide-mouth drain for easy water drainage
  • Foldable for convenient storage

For an option that’s not plastic and doesn’t have to take up space year-round, the Petmaker Foldable Dog Pool is a fantastic choice. It comes in its own carrying bag, too, so you’ll be able to keep your pup happy and cool wherever you go. Since it’s only 8 pounds, you won’t break your back carrying it, either.

Believe it or not, this pool isn’t inflatable. Its sturdy panels and flexible PVC material allow for easy folding and unfolding — which customer reviews can confirm! This pool is meant for pets up to 80 pounds, although small dogs will be just as safe considering this product’s 12-inch height. When you’re done using the pool, simply open up the drain cap to let out the water, wipe off, and fold up. Easy as pie!

There’s nothing quite like a lazy summer afternoon at the pool — and now your dog can have that experience, too. Just don’t forget to stay hydrated! You can’t go wrong with any of these high-quality doggie pools, so what are you waiting for?

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