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5 small-dog coats under $50 that you won’t be able to resist

What’s better than cozy, warm dog coats for winter? Ones that are just as cute as they are useful, of course! From vests to puffy coats and even a vintage fleece jacket — your pup really can be that stylish.

You’re sure to fall in love with these fun small-dog coats for winter, especially since they have so many positive reviews. These already-loved dog clothes have everything you’re looking for, from cold-weather protection to cozy fabrics that will leave your dog in heaven. These are our favorites.

Frisco Portland Insulated Dog Parka 

If your pint-sized pup needs full-body protection from the cold, an insulated parka like this will do the trick. With its removable faux-fur hood and water-resistant lining, your dog will be as snug as can be. You’ll love this coat’s trendy style and three bright color options, while your dog will go crazy for winter warmth that doesn’t restrict their movement. It even has extra snaps and a covered leash port for maximum security while out on walks. It has everything you and your adventurous pooch could need!

Pendleton Crater Lake National Park Dog Coat

Pendleton, the iconic wool company, now offers a line of gorgeous winter coats for our furry friends. The fleece on this cozy vest is guaranteed not to pill or fray, so you can take this dog sweater everywhere you and your dog go. Now, you’ll always know that they’re toasty and snug — and adorable!

With a leash hook and ergonomically designed sweater shape, this coat won’t bug your pup or slow you down on walks. It will be just as comfy whether you’re lounging by the fire or getting in some winter exercise.

Pet Life Sporty Vintage Aspen Dog Ski Jacket

It doesn’t get much trendier than this metallic puffer. This ski jacket for dogs is lined with Thinsulate Thermal Heat Retention Technology, so your dog will stay warm and cozy even in the coldest conditions. This coat even has water-resistant properties and half-sleeves to keep legs nice and toasty.

This fashionable jacket also features a detachable hood and easy-to-fasten snap buttons along the front. Your pup’s chest also will be covered, which isn’t a characteristic many coats can boast. The best part? You can pick the color, too!

Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible British Style Plaid Dog Vest

For days that aren’t quite as chilly, or for pups who don’t like the snug, restrictive feeling of a coat, a weatherproof vest like this will be exactly what the doctor ordered. The majority of your dog’s body will be covered by layers of cotton, polyester, and terylene for warmth and waterproofing.

One side of this coat is quilted for wind and weather protection, while the other side is meant to keep your dog warm and extra snuggly. It’s basically a two-in-one jacket!

Frisco Manhattan Tweed Dog & Cat Coat

Your dog is going to look absolutely dapper this winter if they wear Frisco’s Manhattan tweed coat. The inside layer of this jacket is lined with faux fur for plush warmth, while the outside is made with a fashionable tweed shell — the perfect accessory for any pup.

Since this fancy coat needs to be event-friendly (just look at those luxurious buttons), it includes a covered leash hole for fashion on the go. You’ll go crazy for the furry collar and chic accents, but your dog will be too comfy and cozy to notice. A win-win!

No matter what kind of coat you’re looking for this winter, your small dog is sure to stay warm and stylish. There are so many nice jackets to choose from — we don’t blame you if you can’t pick just one!

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