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Don’t forget the pets this Valentine’s Day! 7 cute gifts for your dog or cat

When you have a pet, you have a valentine, too. There’s no better time to celebrate your love for your furry friend than this festive day, and thanks to creative pet parents and businesses, your buddy can be part of the party as well! Whatever you’re looking for — from treats to toys to even a special outfit for your special someone — you’re bound to find it online.

Sites like Chewy offer more than you could imagine when it comes to pet care, so you’ll have everything you need to spoil your baby this Valentine’s Day. Whether your pet has nine lives or a wagging tail, it’s an occasion to enjoy a little quality time together this winter. Even if your pet isn’t a snuggler, you can spend February 14th loving on her in whatever way works for you both. The key is to prepare for it! These seven ideas are all adorable places to begin your search.

Valentine’s gifts for dogs

For food-motivated Fidos, a little treat can express a lot of love. Consider a cookie assortment such as Claudia’s Canine Bakery’s Woof You Baked Dog Treats as a gift for your dog this Valentine’s Day. She’ll love their delicious peanut-butter flavor, and you’ll love how cute these cookies are!

While you enjoy a pack of candy hearts (a Valentine’s Day must!), your pup can play with some of her own. These super sweet Valentine’s Plush Heart Dog Toys by Frisco come in a pack of three, each with its own aww-inspiring message. They’re the perfect size for small and midsized dogs, especially those who go crazy for squeakers — there’s one in each toy! Nothing says “I love you” quite like a home full of squeaks and barks, after all.

Valentine’s gifts for cats

Don’t worry, your kitty won’t miss out on the cuteness! Frisco also offers Valentine’s Plush Heart Cat Toys that look just like their canine counterparts (perfect for a home with a dog and a cat!) and are filled with crinkle paper and catnip for continuous fun. These soft polyester toys are just as safe and cuddly as they are adorable, so even the gentlest kitties will love pawing at and napping with their new gift.

The Catit Chaise-Shape Scratcher with Catnip is as much a gift for you as for your feline. With its sleek, modern shape, it’s more decorative than most scratching posts — plus a pink accent makes it as irresistible as your kitty. Fluffy will appreciate the textured cardboard and bonus catnip treat, and you’ll enjoy not having your furniture destroyed. A win-win!

Valentine’s gifts for both dogs and cats

Is it really Valentine’s Day without a heaping dose of adorable? Not really, which is why your pet totally needs this ubercute YML Strawberry Covered Cat & Dog Bed. Yes, it’s a gigantic strawberry your pet can call home, and it’s just as sweet as you’d think. Especially for pets who may prefer to have their own space, this can be a great way to bond and show your appreciation.

Whether your baby likes to snuggle with you or in a bed of her own, staying warm and stylish is oh-so-important on a special day like this. Consider getting something comfy for your pet — something like Frisco’s Faux Crystal and Pearl Dog & Cat Sweater Dress — for the furry fashionista in your life.

Not all pets enjoy being dressed up, but no worries! Chewy also carries charming, customizable bandanas such as the Frisco XOXO Hearts Bandana, which features your buddy’s name across the back. You can pick from five fonts to best reflect your pet’s personality. With multiple sizes available, there really is an option for every pet.

We hope these adorable ideas have helped spark some Valentine’s plans of your own! As special as this holiday is, don’t forget to show your pet how much you love her every day of the year. Happy Valentine’s Day from PawTracks!

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