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The best pet food storage containers for longer shelf life

When style matters, your pet food storage container is another way to show off your modern and upscale taste. These great-looking options are functional and decorative. They look great in any kitchen or pet area while helping you keep your furry friend’s kibble airtight for durable freshness.

The benefits of airtight pet food storage containers are plenty. You will prevent fungi and other contaminants from entering your food and will make organizing and planning so much easier. They are also very useful on trips and extended stays away from home. Very popular with pet owners of multiple dogs and cats, this is a great solution to your pet needs.

IRIS USA Inc. Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

Best Combo Option

The IRIS USA Inc. Airtight Pet Food Storage Container is a combo of stackable pet food storage containers. Made from clear BPA-free plastic, they keep moisture out of your pal’s food with snap-lock latches. The top container has a capacity of 12 quarts, while the bottom holds up to 33 quarts of crunchy deliciousness for your pets. Just measure it with the included scoop and watch your pets enjoy mealtime.

Gamma2 Pet Food Storage Container

Best Design

Decorate your countertop with the attractive Gamma2 Pet Food Storage Container. Featuring cute paw designs, this convenient storage container is more than just good looks. Its pestproof system keeps unwanted critters out of your pet’s food, while also locking out moisture. For maximum space efficiency, simply stack multiple containers and keep food fresh for longer. This convenient storage system includes a scoop and is easy to label with dry erase markers.

Simplehuman Pet Food Storage Can

Best Stainless

With a contemporary look that stands out, the Simplehuman Pet Food Storage Can is a modern addition to any home. Its silicone gasket keeps air out of your pet’s food, while the handle clamps down for extra secure shutting. This large-capacity container also includes a magnetic lid-mounted scoop, so you never lose it. With built in-wheels, you can easily roll your storage can anywhere you’d like.

Whether you buy your pet food in bulk or small batches, it’s important to keep it fresh and airtight. With the items on our list, your pet food will never go stale again. Use them to preserve the nutritional value of your furry friend’s food and make sure they always enjoy delicious meals that keep them healthy.