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The best water bowls for providing your dog or cat with fresh water

You worry about your pet at home when you’re away at the office, particularly if they’re getting enough water on warmer days. A water bowl eliminates any worries by ensuring your fur baby has access to a drink at all times. We’ve researched the best bowls on the market and compiled this list of the top-performing products to help you decide.

Along with a full food bowl, interactive toys, and comfortable bedding, an easy-access water bowl keeps your dog happy. Automatic water dispensers fill up your dog’s water bowl without spilling over. Alternatively, slow water feeders prevent overdrinking without depriving your pet of essential hydration. Lastly, a traditional dog water bowl with no bells and whistles is also an ideal choice, especially if you know how much your dog typically drinks in a day or if you work from home. These may require refills throughout the day, so if you often work overtime, an automatic bowl might be best. Take a look at our handpicked models to see which works for you.

UPSKY Dog Bowl

Best No-Spill Bowl

The UPSKY Dog Bowl is a slow water dispenser featuring a floating disk that’s partially submerged and releases more when your pet drinks from it. Its spill proof lipped edges provide extra security against eager pups and dogs. Non-slip mats on all four corners keep the bowl from sliding around during use. This bowl has a 35-ounce capacity.

PetSafe Gravity Pet Food or Water Station

Best Water Station

The large water station from PetSafe holds up to 320 ounces in the large size. Powered by gravity, the bowl fills up without overflowing from the BPA-free plastic reservoir. Remove the reservoir when it needs a refill and lock it back into place easily to prevent spills. The detachable stainless-steel bowl is machine washable.

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

Best Stainless-Steel Bowl

AmazonBasics’ conventional dog bowl is a stainless-steel dish with an all-around rubber base that prevents scratches on your floors and undesirable sliding. This corrosion-resistant bowl prevents odor and stain buildup and can also be used for any type of dog food. The bowl has a 38-ounce capacity.

With an easy-access water bowl for dogs, your pet can stay comfortable even when you’re not around to quench their thirst. Choose an automatic feeder if you’re gone during the day for long periods of time, though a classic stainless-steel bowl holds sufficient daily water intake for the average dog. Additionally, all the products on our list also work as cat water bowls.